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So Tracy informed my that June 10th is our RVersary!  Congratulations to us for 3 years of living in less than 400 square feet!

To celebrate we had some amazing steaks!  We had some friends over.  We had a good time.

We finished off the evening by renting RV with Robin Williams and watching it on the TV.

It is important to celebrate things.  People do cool things all the time.  No one is going to celebrate for you.  You have to take the time and money to celebrate because no one else will.

I always found it interesting that the Bible commands Christians to celebrate.

Partying is not an option!

We managed to go out for Sioux Falls First Fridays.  Apparently Sioux Falls businesses try to extend out their hours and have open house times for the city to visit.

Tracy had some friends who were doing an art show in one of the office complexes.  We walked through and had a good time.  I was fascinated by the ceiling in the building.  They pulled the tiles out and painted the hanging hardware green.  I thought it looked pretty sharp!

Later on we went outside.  There was a band playing and after the band they had an Art Off!

Don’t Worry!  I didn’t know what that was either!

Apparently they had two artists duel for 30minutes.  The artist that drew the best picture that the crowd like won!

After about 20 minutes we gave up on waiting and went home.

I ultimately feel like we should be celebrating more!  I feel like we should go out and party more!

Unfortunately I am a bit worried about money so we are being conservative!

I sent out a bunch of emails trying to connect with people.  Most of those people never responded so now I will have to be more drastic and try something like “phone calls!”

I also finished up my second book, “How to Hear From God” – you can find it on Amazon for a Kindle download.  In a week or so it will also be available in print as well.  I am just waiting on some approval inspections from Amazon HQ.

We only have about 10 days left in Sioux Falls.  After that we will spend 10 days near the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

If I get some work in Wisconsin we will head back that direction, otherwise we will head towards Idaho.  I want to see some mountains!

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