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Hopefully it is done snowing here.  It looks as tho we have outlasted winter!

We are currently staying our final allowed week at the state park in our town.  They have a two week limit, and we are running out of locations.  We can’t officially get back to our summer site until April 15.  All our other places still have snow covering them.  This afternoon we plan on going to visit one of the sites outside of town and seeing if we can shovel it out – and see the condition of the sewers!

The temperatures are dropping to the low/mid 20’s(f).  Our propane looks to not be a significant cost of living expense anymore for the year.  The biggest expense we have now is we have to pay our summer hosts another $1800 and we are currently paying $25/day to park were we are at.

I will say there are a few hard-core campers in the park.  Some crazy couple is currently tenting.  This morning at about 8am they had their sleeping bags draped over a picnic table drying by a fire.

A family showed up in a pop -up trailer.  They had about 6 12-gallon propane tanks all over their site.  It also looked like they put their food in plastic bags on the roof of their truck.  It looked like animals were tearing about the site.

Last weekend was in the 30’s (f) and a few other people dropped by to camp – but they had 5th wheels, C’s or A’s and seemed well equipped to deal with the cooler weather.

When we first arrived at the site their sewer was still under a few feet of ice.  Andrei and I would talk some salt and dump it over the dump station. In about 3 days we melted enough that we where able to access it.

It was pretty gross tho.  I think the tank has a vent somewhere else that is still covered.  As we dumped (both grey and black) it would “burp” and content would seep out.  We had to wash that all down when we finished.

I read that if you own a boat or an rv with a bathroom you should plan on having to touch raw sewage at some point.  I have found that to be true!

Now that the hard part of winter is over we do feel like we live a totally lavish lifestyle again.  Even with the lack of showers and hot water, you feel rich living out with nature.  It is somewhat erie knowing that there is no one within 10 miles of you.  The sky is dark, you hear strange animals in the swamp.  We can hear the roar of the lake, and see the glimmer of the stars above our heads.

One day we walked onto the beach.  It was creepy seeing snow, sun, and sand all converging onto the same shoreline.  It seemed wrong to not see some swimmers!

Another day we took a walk to the swamp area.  Since most of the cat tails had died over the winter we could see the wide open swamp area under the ice.  As we walked over the board walk that was built into the swamp, the ice would crackle and snap.  Tracy and I had to keep making sure that we hadn’t fallen into the water!

We keep the RV set at 70F.  It takes us about 10 days to get thru a 30lb bottle of propane.

In the winter you sometimes ask yourself if it is worth it, but now that spring is approaching, that question becomes easier to answer.

Yes, today it is worth it!

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