The story of how a family gave away their belongings, moved into their RV, quit their job, traveled, ran out of money, and are starting over.  Learn what we learned, be inspired with us, and start your own search for peace and grace.

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I had a pretty stressful week.  As many of you maybe realized I missed my blog post last week.  That is because I mainly was stressed out, and when I get stressed out I usually want to take a nap. I gave an introduction course to a group of people here in Knoxville on...

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Peace of Crap

One of the number one ways people find this blog is their toilets break, or smell, or need maintenance.  It is totally awesome to be completely self-contained.  You are probably partially attracted to the RV life because of the desire to be self-contained.  To master...

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Get involved in life

In my last life I worked 6 days a week.  Even when I made sure to go home on time, I still was mentally engaged.  Vacation?  What was the point?  I would get phone calls as I was leaving town letting me know all the stuff that everyone else was worried about.  No...

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Random Moment of RV Life

When we were looking at RV living we had to really research.  We were not really researching RV models, RV care, or RV products.  We had to look long and hard at finding a site that talked about RV living. Look at all the blogs you read on the net.  Look at our cool...

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A GPS For Your Life

When we travel in new directions we often need to relay on our GPS.  Gas and time are expensive.  Why waste 2 days of your week long vacation looking for that special spot?  Fire up Google Maps.  Look at an atlas.  Program your GPS (I love Navigon if anyone cares)....

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Driving Towards Change

Our household has been pretty crazy.  We all are clicking and working.  It is pretty interesting to see the results of just a year.  We are motivated.  We have energy.  We want change.  It wasn't that long ago we were all battling minor depression. Honestly I can't...

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