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When you move to a new area, it takes a little while to get plugged in and discover your routine.  Each new location brings new routines.  Some campsites have nice shade and isolation.  This allows you sleep in late and have lazy mornings.  Other sites the sun wakes you up every morning, or birds and other animals do the trick.

Sometimes you are in locations that inspire exploration and finding local restaurants, and sometimes a location inspires you to cuddle with your family, watch tv, and make your own meals.

While we do enjoy the spontaneity and surprise that each location brings us, we are also are enjoying the fact that we can stay put for a while.

It is taking a little bit to get settled.  Tracy took a job tutoring a grade schooler.  I have been working hard looking for more work.  I have another interview coming up, so hopefully that will go well.  Tracy also started working on a project for Amazon.com called Turking.  Essentially Turking is doing menial computer work for pennies.  Tracy figured out she made about $5/hour doing it.  I signed up for Turk as well.

For my personality type, Turking sucks.  I will keep up with it because better to make $5/hour than to make $0/hour.  My first hour netted me $0.25 dollars.  I have a lot of practicing to make it work.  I will post more about the process another time.  Tracy’s research showed that you can make over $10/hour after you get good.

If you need a second income that is location independent, Amazon Turk might be the supplemental income you are looking for.  I’ll work with Tracy and do a write up on how to get started and succeed with Amazon Turk in the next week or two.

Last week I finally remembered to update our RVillage.com profile.  When I check into RVillage.com I usually look around and see how many people under the age of 60 are around us.  I saw that GeekyExplorers.com was in the RV park down the road.  It took me a few days to send them an invite.  It didn’t click that they where the same people who’s blog I read about every week.  I finally invited them over for a meal.

We had a great time!  We barely managed to connect with them as they were leaving the area a few days later.  It was so refreshing to meet another like-minded couple.  It was just fun to compare notes on the area, compare our nomadic lives, and to just chit-chat with people who “Get It”.

I was a little sad we couldn’t hang out more, but hopefully we meet them again on the road someday.  After a summer of travel, Geeky Explorers are the first people we met who are living how we are living.  We have meet a lot of seasonal families, or retired full-timers, but we haven’t ran into another couple or family who is working, traveling, and living out of an RV.

I feel so blessed to be in Tennessee.  Most of the trees have lost their leaves, but everywhere you look you see beautiful mountains and rock formations.  I am in awe every time we leave the campground and drive around.  I see eyefuls of beauty and I hope that I never get tired of appreciating God’s creation.

The boy found a little 1/3 mile trail that goes around the outer edge of the campground.  The trail is short and easy, but it did feature a crazy looking pet burial.  The marker is a cross with the animals favorite toy mounted on it, and the animals food dish is at the bottom.  I assume it’s a pet dog from the campground owner, but I am not going to ask him about it.

I am expecting a few phone calls this week for jobs, I am starting a website for a nonprofit, and another RV family contacted me for some potential future partnership that I need to research.  I also am going to pitch a few church websites about what I learned from my summer of travel.

It is going to be a very busy week!  I am not going hit my Nanowrimo goal, but I will get plugging away.  If I finish it in December or January, I still finished it!

Last week I felt a little underwhelmed with my options.  This week I have a lot options and potential for new successes.  Let’s see how this is going to turn out!

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