I couldn’t tell you about our move yesterday.

Because we had no power.

And it was freezing cold.

Yet somehow we managed to watch Netflix?

Yes it was that kind of night.  I came home from work and found out I couldn’t even get to our house.  The park was closed!  The gate was locked.  I was about to walk the last .75 miles back to our home when the park manager showed up and gave me a lift.

Apparently the last day of the season is the day it is closed!

I guess that makes sense.  Who knows.

I was just grateful I didn’t have to walk the entire way home in the rain.

So when I get home Tracy and Andrei have most of the house packed away.  I take care of a few details, fill up the water and help out where I can.  A few hours later we are fed, and we drive to our nifty hiding spot.

The problem is the park is closed.  And the roads are narrow.

Oh – did I mention it is in the low 50’s and it is raining out.

And dark?

I can hardly see anything – I am driving a 38 foot chassis that weighs over 20,000lbs in the cold dark night on roads that are only 8.5 feet wide.  The road is twisty and lots of boulders and knick knacks line the twisty drive path.

It was almost worse then when I drove thru the mountains 2 years ago the 2nd night I owned the rig.

We finally get to our temporary spot.  We put down the jack pads, extend the slide, and plug in the power.

No power.

I check a few other outlets.  They are all dead.

Lucky we just installed some new batteries!

That also meant no heat for the night – two 6-volt batteries won’t really be able to keep the house fans blowing all night.  We also do not have an inverter so none of the outlets worked.

Lucky for us we had already ate.  We all were a bit stressed, but we put on our pajamas and elected to tough it out.

It was probably a good idea we never got that trailer we had talked about.

It was inconvenient to not have power, but we did have a generator.  And water.  We truly are self-contained.  We can easily go, even in this 40-50 degree weather a good week without any external resources.

I sent an email asking for help getting some power.  We were gone the entire next day running errands and working, but when we came back to town we were so happy to see those little lights on our surge protector!

What we learned was it is good to be self-contained.  It was inconvenient to live without 50-amp power, but it was comforting to know that we could have water and turn on a generator any time we needed.

This move also signals the end of showering at home.  We are now living off grid.  We have to take sponge baths and conserve water everyday.  Our goal is to make it a week on 55 gallons of water.  Doing dishes is the biggest culprit of water usage.

I am going to see how we can stop doing that.

Then I will sell you a book explaining how you all can stop doing dishes as well!



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