When we were looking at RV living we had to really research.  We were not really researching RV models, RV care, or RV products.  We had to look long and hard at finding a site that talked about RV living.

Look at all the blogs you read on the net.  Look at our cool destinations, look at our cool products, read our campground reviews.

Those kinds of posts were great, but none of them really ever talk about living in an RV.  Writing about living in an RV is very difficult.  How do you rate it, rank it, describe it?  You really can’t.  Describing any life is an impossible task.  Famous people can have MANY books describing how they lived and what they accomplished.

I really do hope that you and the other people who read this blog understand this isn’t really about how to own and operate your RV.  It is just as much about what life looks like when your primary domicile has wheels.

I hope you have read and seen how RV living has helped us grow emotionally and spiritually.  I hope you noticed it allowed us to reboot our lives.  RV living is positioning us to move and grow as our careers and dreams expand and change.

Sure you will see updates on black tanks, driving, and repairs.  I also hope you see glimpses of what plain old everyday living can look like.

I know that I do not do a good job on this blog of inviting you in the conversation.  I really do want to hear your opinions and questions.  I do my best to answer every email and comment.  I know the writing is entertaining enough.  I see at least twice a week someone new find my blog.

And then proceed to read 100’s of the posts.  And then never leave a comment.

I just want you to know that I love getting emails and comments, and it encourages me to keep on writing.  I do know I will probably keep this blog going forever in some for or another just because it helps me personally.  It reminds me of my story and what I am trying to accomplish.

Besides encouraging you to comment, I thought I would post up some random pictures and show some moments of RV life.

So without further explanation – here are some images and scenes from this last week:

airlock october

To the left of our sink is the door into our RV.  We now have the airlock up.  In RV life you feel the breeze.  Our curtains and blinds over the double pain windows do a great job of keeping the weather out.  For whatever reason you really get a huge breeze into the house if you don’t cover the door.  We have a large thermal curtain that we hang over our door to cut down on the breeze.  This year for winter prep I will do another write up on how we accomplish this.

Mostly this is news because this is our 2nd winter in the South.  Last year we didn’t stop wearing flip-flops and shorts until February.  This year my kid is wearing snow pants this morning and it is only 57 out.  We have officially lost our winter toughness and it took about a year to make it happen.

pile of dishes

While we are on the topic of sinks.  Here is what it looks like when I don’t start drying right away.  Kitchen space is tight in an RV.  We don’t have a dishwasher so we have to do the dishes after every single meal.  Waiting is usually never an option.  If we do manage to convince ourselves that pushing off dishes is a good idea, we are left in a messy world of pain and regret.

pizza curled

Everyone loves a frozen pizza sometimes.  We love shopping at Aldi’s.  Aldi’s really doesn’t have a large selection of frozen standard size pizzas.  Unfortunately RV ovens are tiny.  They are just right for a standard 12 inch frozen pizza. but the awesome Aldi’s 16 inch pizzas do not fit very well.

The good news is that Aldi’s pizza’s are not frozen.  I have determined that all I need to do is fold up on the sides of the pizza to make it fit.  For whatever reason, the pizza doesn’t drip everywhere, and its easy get in and out.  The secret is to fold up the side and slam the door shut quickly.  Then the pizza bakes in this shape and fits in the oven just fine! 🙂

broken steps

What this blurry picture of is our broken steps.  I put some L brackets on the steps above to keep the stairs from falling out of the RV, but the stairs are not strong enough to hold anyone.  I finally crawled under the RV and took a look.  The metal box is glued or something to the wood above and it completely tore out.  I have to figure out how to reattach it.  I think I need L brakes welded down there, but I have to figure it out.  I have not moved or started my RV in almost a year now, so this needs to be a top priority.  I would like to take it for a drive, and fill it up with propane.  Last winter our campground ran out of propane for a few days and I almost had to go without.  This year I would like to keep our 100lb onboard tank full as an emergency backup.

landcruiser 80 offroad

A few weeks ago I wrote about why I felt that owning a 4wd vehicle as a toad was a bonus for RVers.  A local club in Tennessee reached out and invited me on a trail run through an area I wanted to visit.  I was hoping to see an elk or a bear, but I saw no wildlife.  It was a weekend and lots of people were in the area, so most of the wild game was chased away.  I was totally freaked out on the ride.  At one point my Land Cruiser was on its side sliding through ruts. You can see the mud scrapes above the wheels.  It was super scary.  This video clip looks easy, but it freaked me and the boy out.

I don’t think most people would be comfortable driving like that, but it was completely fascinating to see the capability of 22 year old SUV.  I never once felt like the truck struggled.  I didn’t even notice my running boards were torn up until someone pointed it out.

I have to get some rock sliders to replace my wrecked running boards.  I just have to find someone to donate $500 so I can get them 🙂

Once I figure out how to make enough money to be mobile again, I definitely want to ride a lot more trails around the country.  The views and experiences are breath taking.  Next week we were invited to go on a much more rider friendly trail.  At the end of the trail we will be cooking a lunch off the back of the tailgate.  Should be fun to see the amazing fall colors and scenery that can only be found off the well taken roads.



You just read some snippets from our RV life.  Do you have questions?  Do you have any topics you would like me to expand on?  Let me know!  Did you know that 3 months ago I put up an RV forum for asking questions and talking with each other?  Be the first to post!

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Random Moment of RV Life
I really do hope that you and the other people who read this blog understand this isn't really about how to own and operate your RV. It is just as much about what life looks like when your primary domicile has wheels.
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