rv disaster

So the past week RV life has been a bit crazy. For starters it is Christmas. Christmas can be terrible if you work at a church like I do. That means lots of OT, volunteers who can’t commit to helping, and of course, the icy cold of winter.

Last week Tracy discovered that we had water on the floor next to the sink every time we did dishes. At first we assumed we were just slopping more water than usual. A few days later the puddle began to get bigger on a regular basis.

Enter our new friend Mr. B.

Mr. B is an amazing volunteer at our church who was also a RV tech in the past.

After talking with Tracy they figured out that our faucet had somehow imploded and the leak was from the faucet internals failing.

A $20 trip to the ReStore and 20 minutes of Mr. B’s time and we are good to go!  A new faucet was installed and all leaking stopped!

I love it when things work out.

My 2 biggest fears in RV living are water leaks and my house freezing up.

I have survived 2 water leaks now and a RV freeze up and neither have killed us. Yet 😉

If you are going to live in an RV you better get used to fixing things.  It’s not the same as a house, but RVs have a tendency to always have something broken.  If you want something safe and secure, you probably should just stick with a regular house.  It’s a known element.

If you want to have an adventure, then pick an RV.  You never know what adventure is going to happen next!


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