That is us parked at the birth place of Abraham Lincoln. It is our second National Park visit in the fine state of Kentucky.

We ran out of time today at our campground in Cave City.  We really liked the area. The rolling hill,  the trees slowly changing color, and the beautiful weather will always be memories we will not soon forget.

You will have to forgive me for not updating the blog this last week(s).

The long story made short is between running errands and writing resumes I haven’t had a lot of free time. I have been spending three or four hours a day looking for jobs, and then I have to write very detailed cover letters. By the time the process is complete I run out of writing steam. I think I will have to start writing in the mornings.

The general feeling I had this morning was one of peace and blessing.  I have a lot on my mind lately.  I just know that God is with me and the family.  I know that God loves us. I know that he will provide a way. I know that I have skills and talents that can bless a business. I just have to keep doing the work and trusting in God.

Noone is promised tomorrow.  I have to remember that I needed this time.  It is worth the risk.  Nothing changes if you are not willing to make changes happen.  Good things don’t happen to those who wait.  Good things happen to those who make plans for good things to happen.

Today was amazing.  The morning was cold and crisp.  The sky was a one of a kind painting.  The sky was unique and was made only for today.  There will be other great days, but we were able to experience and enjoy the sky today!

We had a great time visiting Abraham Lincoln’s place of birth.  It was fascinating to learn about how his family lost the farm in a paperwork snafu and ended up having to leave Kentucky entirely.  He ended up in Illinois because his family wanted to find a place where the government wouldn’t mess their dreams up again.

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We learned the cabin in the monument was a replica.  At some point the cabin was shipped all over the United States.  They numbered all the planks and timber and recreated the cabin at every stop.  They said it was taken down and set up over 100 times.  We learned something knew about touring national parks.  Ask the rangers about the exhibits.  The rangers are full of lots of great information.  The rangers stand around and have no intention of saying anything. You have to engage them and get them to open up.  Once they start talking, you learn the best stuff!

Our favorite thing the ranger talked about was the kick board.  This single board is made extra large.  If a fire in the chimney gets out of control, you run outside and kick out this big board.  The entire chimney then collapses so the house can be saved.


After the tour we took a hike through the woods.  The trail was very short.  It was full of really steep hills, but it had lots of benches for resting!

Our favorite part was stamping our National Parks passport book.  We love stamping new locations into it!  So much fun!


After we toured the park we walked back to the RV.  We had some desserts that Tracy made yesterday, and we took a little nap!

We checked the map when we stopped for the day.  We drove about 90 minutes today.  That is hilarious.  We drove about an hour to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, then we drove another hour to Bardstown.  Tracy suggested we keep on going.  She just didn’t know why we needed to go any further.  We walked into the local Walmart, received permission to stay the night, and purchased some groceries.

I wish I would have traveled slower when we started out.  The good news is that I now know how to travel!  Slow and steady!

We had a great time.

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