I had a pretty stressful week.  As many of you maybe realized I missed my blog post last week.  That is because I mainly was stressed out, and when I get stressed out I usually want to take a nap.

I gave an introduction course to a group of people here in Knoxville on blogging.  It was a lot of fun, but it was pretty scary preparing.  I had no idea how the course would work.

The good news is that everyone in the room seemed engaged.  People emailed and asked for my slides, and I felt like I was able to answer the questions people asked after the presentation.  I made around 55 slides and the presentation took about an hour.

Preparing for the presentation took a lot of out of me, so I missed my blogging time last week.

The good news is that I am working on a mini series for How I Wrecked My Life about online branding and how to do it.

If you want a mobile lifestyle, a work from home job, or a job change at all, you need to make some changes.  I am going to do a series of basic articles on branding yourself online so that you can be in a better position to find a better job.

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I managed to completely jump industries, and I do a good job of branding myself and my blog so that I get attention.

I can give you a lot of the same skills I had to learn the hard way.

In the mean time I wanted to share with all of you some of my new favorite bloggers!

For whatever reason I decided to check out Youtube and I found a few really great shows about people living in RVs or boats.  There are millions of videos, but I actually found a few channels that I have found myself looking forward to watching every week.

My criteria for a good youtube channel is: Do they post regularly?  Is it viewable in a sitting?  Is there a good entry point for you to start watching?

This guide isn’t the best of everything, but its a nice primer to get you started with youtube RVing.

I do have one big question for you – would you like to see a How I Wrecked My Life Youtube channel?  It would be something weekly about RVs, Philosophy, God, and finding your place in the world.

If you care, please let me know via email or comments.  If you don’t care I promise not to be offended 🙂

So here are some links to youtube channels that I like.  The order is not an indication of my watch preferences.  Some of these channels had to grow on me, and they may not be for you.  Give them a try, let me know if you have a favorite I didn’t include!

Chris & G Travels

Chris & G seem like great people.  The channel just got interesting again with this video.  This video starts their trip as they leave Alaska and head towards Arizona.  It is a great representation about the awesomeness and frustrations about living on the road.  I appreciate the series because it reflects what we experienced during our summer on the road.

WunderLust Estates

This is a fun channel.  This video is when the host announces that someone has gifted them the funds to restore a classic RV.  I basically spent the last 2 weeks just catching up on these 10-15 minute clips every morning.  Watching them have to build out there RV has been fun.  The are doing a great job of “Reducing World Suck”

Campervan Kevin

I just found Campervan Kevin.  He seems like a cool interesting guy.  This video is of him picking up his class C toy hauler.  I am curious to see how is remodel goes and to learn more about him.  After I get this post complete that is the channel I am watching more of!

Pippi Peterson

Take a Bob Villa, turn him into a belly dancer, and make him live in a tiny home, and you get Pippi.  I never know what to expect from one of Pippi’s shows, but she is making it happen, so props to her.  If you have no mechanical skill at all (like the entire household of HIWML) then this a channel worth bookmarking!

J Mantzel

Jamie is perhaps the most manly man on the planet right now.  Jamie moved to Central America someplace, built a boat by hand, bought 2 islands, and is building his own self sustaining hippy community.  His channel is insane.  3d printing propellors, making boats that are completely solar powered, and fiberglassing small buildings into existence.  His channel is worth going backwards into.  When he lived in America he build a giant walking robot, a well, his own saw mill, a road into a mountain and multiple houses.

Jamie really needs his own TV show.  Its a discovery channel soap opera gone horribly right!

Cruising Lealea

You might like living in a motorhome, but this channel gives you a look into living on a boat.  Not a mega yacht either – a 30 foot small sailboat.  We are not talking wimpy lake crossings either.  I have watched them cross the pacific multiple times.  They are now in Alaska figuring out how to completely strip down their boat and rebuild it.  Now is a great time to start watching this channel!


Living in a RV is pretty hard core already.  Living in your 4×4 is just plain crazy.  This channel encompasses my ultimate dream – to have a fancy 4×4 car and drive all over the planet.  To not be limited by roads or borders.  Just pick a video and start watching.  Pretty soon you will be wondering if you can be ok with a shovel instead of a black tank.


These are some of my favorite channels right now.  If you are not familiar with youtube, just click on the youtube logo on a video on this page and it will take you to the show page of the video channel.  Make a profile on youtube and subscribe.

Don’t forget to let me know if you would like to see a HIWML channel!

Thanks for stopping over!

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For whatever reason I decided to check out Youtube and I found a few really great shows about people living in RVs or boats. There are millions of videos, but I actually found a few channels that I have found myself looking forward to watching every week.
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