I will tell you a secret about RVing.  Your bank is going to want a payment every month.  No need to mothball your RV for 3-6 months.  RV Everyday!

Over the last year we have been more about living and surviving then vacationing.  This Christmas we decided to change that.  We had to visit family for Christmas, and instead of hotel rooms and driving around in the Land Cruiser, we decided to go in style.  RV Style!

Also $1.60 a gallon style!

Our goal for my limited Christmas break?  Say hello to family and then visit the Atlantic Ocean.  Tracy and I had not stuck our feet in an Ocean since we were both little.  My sisters house was about 6 hours away, and the ocean was just another 4 hours from her house.

The trip had a slow start.

We started up the RV and moved it for the first time in over a year!  That is terrible!  Not driving a motorhome for a year is a bad idea.  Not driving any vehicle for a year is a bad idea.  All those mechanical bits need to be used, lubed, and driven.

Thankfully the motorhome started on the first key turn.  The motor sounded like we had always run it.  The house packed up smoothly enough.  Tracy stowed and stored the inside, and the boy and I cleaned up the outside.  We found homes for every piece, and made sure our site looked nice when we were gone.

I was pretty excited for this trip!  This was the first trip in years were we all traveled together.  Normally Tracy is driving the truck because we are not setup to tow our car.  I love traveling together as a family!

Our first destination was to move from our monthly site to an easier site to launch from the next day.  We drove around the campground.  We did a great job storing everything and so nothing fell.  We had a full tank of gas (year old gas – yikes) and no propane.  First stop was the campground propane station.  The work camper filled our 100lb tank up plus 3 gallons.

Plus 3 gallons?  “Happens all the time” smiled the work camper.

It was pretty late at night because I worked that day.  I drove around to the back lots where most overnighting RVers stay.  It has power but no water or sewer.  We pay monthly in the park and the owner had no issues with us moving spots for 1 night.

After we got set up, we put down the jacks and opened the slide back up.  We went to light the stove so we could eat supper.

The stove didn’t light.

No worries, lets make sure the propane is on.  I go outside and turn on the propane.  Easy fix!

Tracy lights the stove again, and 5 minutes later the flame is out.

uh oh.  1 hour later we finally gave up.  First stop of the trip?  RV Repair!

After a mildly cold evening, and no showers, we were ready to leave.  We hoped the dealership had snacks and coffee!

Tennessee RV was kind to our plight when we arrived.  Even tho the shop was full and they were preparing for a show they made a hole for us.  The big problem was they were fixing the gas line and that took time.  They had to test for leaks and ultimately determined it was the fact the tank was overfilled and the regulator was destroyed in the process.

The entire repair took about 4 hours.  They started at 9am and we didn’t leave until 1pm.

We were happy to find that Tennessee RV had coffee, but were sad to discover no breakfast foods or donuts!

Tracy and I drank coffee and we made the boy play some cards with us.

rv repair shop lobby

You know we are hard core about our coffee when Tracy snuck out to the RV, got her own cup and put in her own fixings so she could enjoy the drip coffee.  When we don’t start our day with a french-press of coffee things are always a little shaky!

After coffee and cards we started getting bored and hungry.  The service manager suggested we walk to the end of the street and carefully walk down a steep hill.  At the bottom of the hill was a delicious southern restaurant that is tastily known as “The Waffle House”

I LOVE THE WAFFLE HOUSE.  It didn’t matter that the hill was steep.  It didn’t matter that it was raining.

The day continued to get better because 1/3rd of the way down the hill I slipped and slid down the muddy embankment.  It looked like I soiled my pants.  Mud was caked in my belt and shirt and pants.  I was a mess.

I walked into Waffle House and sat in a booth like a I owned the place.

Tracy and the boy were both embarrassed, but I wanted biscuits and gravy!!!

After a long relaxing meal I stood up and brushed clods of mud from the bench and my clothes to the ground.  Looking like I needed a pair of depends, I went to the front and paid.

We took the long route back to the dealership.  No more hills!

When we got back to the dealership they were ready for us to pay.  The service tech had our RV and was venting 5 gallons of propane into the wind.

$250 dollars later we were ready to roll.

After I changed my clothes of course.

And I RV.  So I changed into my Pajamas.

Cause thats what you do when you RV.


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RVing is a year round activity
This Christmas we decided to change that. We had to visit family for Christmas, and instead of hotel rooms, we decided to go in style. RV Style!
Brent Homer
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