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We managed to get into Sioux Falls and get settled in.  The first weekend was tough.  I am pretty sure that time slowed down.  We had no internet.  No surfing, no real work, no television.  It wasn’t until 5 days later that I managed to get the cable installer out to hook us up with cable modems.

Even getting the cable guy here was sort of chore.  I had to drive down to request they do an install.  They said they didn’t service this park, but they gave an address close by that they did service.  I told them that was probably the real address, instead of the one I gave them.

When they showed up they ended up across the street.  They called to find out where I was and I said I was at the place across the street.  The installer showed up and said they couldn’t hook up internet.  He then went and looked up at the junction box, made some adjustments, and bam! – internet in a place that isn’t supposed to be possible.

So for the next month we will have internet available.  That is good because I have 2 big jobs I am bidding on, I have a website I am relaunching,  I have to finish writing a new ebook, and I have to find a new job!

I had a lead on a job but it doesn’t look like it will work out, or turn into anything soon.  That means back to the drawing board I guess!  Despite the reports on TV, I believe the United States has a lot to offer.  I believe we are in a time of prosperity and opportunity in our country!

We managed to get out and do some exploring in the Sioux Falls area.  We went and visited the falls in a park downtown.  Even though the falls were about 10 feet high, the sight was beautiful.  I was also pretty surprised at how the park was laid out.  Tracy and Andrei walked down to the river and cooled their feet.  I saw a family walking across the top of the falls. The teens and children in the area periodically were falling into the river.  One wrong move and they would be heading over the falls and crushing bones at the bottom of the falls.

I guess South Dakota has a different level of safety then we did back home!

I can’t wait to see what else we do in Sioux Falls.  Next weekend is a big rib cook-off.  We found a crazy Ethiopian restaurant inside someones home that we want to try.

We are hoping to stay here in Sioux Falls until mid June.  Then we are going to head back towards the twin cities in Minnesota for a scheduled job.  While we are there the boy may end up getting to fly out and visit my sister and her kids for a week.

I am surprised at how fast we managed to get into our new routines.  We all work all day.  I am writing books and websites, Tracy is working on her physics program, and Andrei is working on finishing up the 7th grade. We take walks in the RV park, buy local food, and meet new people almost every day.

It’s not a bad life!  We have to start focusing on generating some cash, but we know that God makes all things work together for good for those who know and trust him!

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