Tracy reported that we needed to get out of the house.  Not just me.  All of us.  It is easy to start feeling insular.  We live, work, dream, sleep, and eat in under 400 square feet.  After a while it is time to put the computers away, pack up the school books, finish the chores, and go see what is around your home!

Whenever we stay at a campground, the camp host normally gives us a little pile of brochures.  We walked in the house after settling in and 5 minutes later the boy was excited.  He noticed all the brochures had ads for a corvette museum tour.

Our first day of Kentucky tourism was settled!  We had the boy do some extra school every day so he could take Friday off and we could all go visit.  The locals told us the museum was getting ready to fix the sink hole.  I was excited because not only do I like corvettes, but I really wanted to see a big sink hole as well!

The corvettes and sink hole did not disappoint.  I knew the sink hole would be awesome because I had to sign a waiver to go in the room and see the destruction.  It was pretty impressive to see the destruction to the cars.  I laughed a little because the museum sure took advantage of the situation.  They sold sink hole dirt, they took donations to fix the sink hole, and they had sink hole themed merchandise.

corvette5 corvette6

I was very impressed with the size and destruction of the sink hole.  I also was impressed with the museum display.  The self-guided tour had a lot of stories and corvette themed artifacts to admire and lust.  It was a treat to see the prototypes, race cars, and limited-run production cars.

corvette4 corvette1 corvette3

It only took about an hour for us to walk through the museum.  On the way out I watched some workers parking a corvette in the lobby.  I realized all the 2015 corvettes in the lobby were cars that were sold.  You can buy a brand new corvette and take delivery of the car at the museum!  While your car waits for you, it sits in the entrance with your name on a sign next to it.  I bet it would be really cool to take delivery of car at the museum!

After the museum we headed off to find a used book store.  We ended up visiting a few places before we found a bookstore that was open.  We once again experienced the welcoming friendliness of the South.  I think we talked about weather and used books for about 20 minutes with the store clerk before I could get Tracy to get out the door.

We finished off the day with a trip to my friend Gigantical’s favorite restaurant, a Zaxby’s.  I have never eaten at a Zaxby’s before, but Gigantical often waxed and waned about the deviousness of the extremely rare and hard to find chicken.


When most people brag about chain food, they only think they like the food.  In reality, most people confuse the taste of the food with a great experience or other memory.  For example, it’s not that we think Dairy Queen has great ice-cream.  We like Dairy Queen because when we were kids it was the first chain ice-cream store in the area.  We had dilly bars because our parents were poor, and that is all they could buy us.  I have great memories of Dairy Queen and I like to eat there.  I know of many other places that have much better ice-cream.

I often assumed that Gigantical’s love of Zaxby’s was because it was near his college.  I was wrong.  They do have amazing chicken.  I have no idea how they make such magical and fluffy chicken, but I will be sneaking back for more of the food later on!

So far Kentucky has been pretty great.  We have had some fairly oppressive humidity during our first few days in the area.  After those few humid days were over, we have been having some great evenings and cool nights.  The trees are just starting to show signs of falls.  It would be cool if we managed to follow fall all the way to New York.

This week we have to get caught up on a lot of work.  Tracy’s parents are showing up for a visit again, so hopefully we will get a chance to get out and see some more of the area with them!


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