community fire

So we have been parked at our site for a little over a week now.  We have yet to really get to know this part of Tennessee, but every day the beauty of this great state impresses me.  I love the demeanor of the people in the area, and I still adore the weather.

Every day we have to drive someplace we drive through valleys and over ridges of the surrounding mountains.  Yesterday we visited an awesome church.  As we drove downtown we could see the Smokey Mountains along with the Knoxville skyline.  I think this community will be a  great place to stay.

Everyday I apply for a few jobs.  Hopefully something will turn up quick.  I found a few places I would be perfect at.  Fingers crossed that I will be able to connect with the companies and at least get an interview.

A few days ago Tracy said we needed to get out of the house.  We ended up going geocaching.  We found 2 of the 3 caches.  One was on a guardrail.  I do not like the shoulders of the Tennessee roads.  Most of the roads have a 4 foot drop into a ditch on one side, and then have a cliff on the other side.  I used to laugh when I heard people in Tennessee can’t drive on snow.  It makes sense now.  In Wisconsin if you make a mistake you hit the curb.  In Tennessee you will probably flip your car over and die.

geocaching highway geo cache sign in

Our campground has a community firepit.  One of the work campers here lights it up everyday and you are free to just sit by the fire and hangout.  I think I really like that part of Tennessee.  People still hang out.  When we first pulled into the campground a little over a week ago, about 6 people were sitting on the swings hanging from the roof of the camp office.  The office has about 6 swings on the porch!  All the people on the porch were just talking about weather, commenting on the RVs in the park, and errands they had to do that day.  While I checked us in, Tracy sat outside and talked to a few of the ladies.

community fire

The boy and I also ended up buying a roll of heat tape and wiring up our water hose.  We cut up a few pool noodles to wrap the hose and heat tape together with.  It dipped to 32 one night and nothing froze up.  We have run our propane heater a few times as well.  Our electric fireplace keeps the RV warm enough, but sometimes you want to indulge a little and be really warm.

I of course blame our weakness to the cold on my parents, who kept their house at 72+ the entire time we stayed with them.  Everything got cold after that!  The weather will be in the mid to high 60’s all week here in Knoxville, so I think we will be ok!

When you live in an RV, life is pretty normal, but you often find little things that are different.  Tracy found a neat cooking tip.  We have a cable that lets us stream our phones to our television.  We bought the cable because we have unlimited data on T-mobile for our devices, not for tethering.  Essentially we can watch Netflix all day on our phones for no charge.  If we hook the phones up to our computers, we only get 5 gig a month.  Recently we started hooking our phones up to the television to listen to music.  Our television speakers are a lot louder than our phone speakers!  Tracy also started to pull up her recipes using Paprika.  The recipe is then displayed on the television.  Paprika automatically keeps the phone from going to sleep.  It’s like having a hands free cookbook in the kitchen!

big screen receipe

This month is Nanowrimo.  I have wanted to write a fiction book for years and I am going to do it this month!  I am 2 days late, but I am going to start today.  I don’t even have a name for my main character, but I won’t let that stop me.

I find it difficult to apply for jobs and write this blog, but I am going to add novel writing to my plate as well!  I just have to get up earlier I guess.

We picked Knoxville randomly.  I ended up finding some friends I grew up with only about 45 minutes from here.  We are going to be hanging out with then soon.  I also found another younger RVing couple via  We will be hanging out with Geeky Explorers later on this week.

Tracy managed to snag a job on Craigslist.  She is tutoring a child in the Knoxville area.  Now I just have to find a job!  We are slowly making a list of places we want to see so keep the suggestions coming if you know of some places we need to visit!

swings mountain

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