A common perception about full-time RVers is that we are are camping everyday.  We are not camping, we are living.

Tracy has often commented how much she misses camping.  Just because we live in campgrounds doesn’t mean we camp!

We have a full indoor kitchen, a great bathroom, and we each have our own room.

Tracy misses camping like we used to do.  Tents.  Cooking over the fire.  Me getting up at 3 in the morning and peeing on a tree between campsites that are too close together.

I don’t really miss those activities.  Once we took a 3 week camping trip around all the great lakes.  We bought our RV 3 months later.  RVing is how I like to camp!  RVing turns camping into living!

Tracy likes the simplistic natural part of camping..

When we see other RVs at the campground Tracy ends up being jealous over trailers with outdoor kitchens.  She claims she would cook outdoors a lot if we had an outdoor kitchen.

I like cooking indoors!


A few years ago a friend left us this fire pit grill contraption.  I think they wanted it back but we never ended up getting it back to them, and I plan on forgetting it every time we see them in the future!

It is just a grilling surface that you put over a campfire to cook on.

At some point we had a fancy tripod grill that you could adjust the height on.  I usually ended up with tons of food in the fire.  With the grill we currently have I still usually manage to get food in the fire, but I am getting better!

Over the last few years Tracy has been teaching the boy how to cook, and I was enlisted to give him his brat cooking education.

That is not a great idea!  I am a terrible outdoor cook.  I did my best and we only dropped one brat on the ground.

Unfortunately we are on a budget and we didn’t end up with Johnsonville brats.  We ended up with some gross generic store brand.  I had some jalapeño flavored ketchup that changed the taste enough to make the brats tasty again!


I also don’t know who ended up with the brat that fell on the ground, but they are all burnt enough you wouldn’t be able to taste the dirt anyway!

After supper Tracy spent a half-hour outside cooking up a dozen chicken legs.  She marinates them and then cooks them over the fire.  We keep them in the fridge and use the legs as snacks all week.




Yesterday Tracy asked me to pick up some $5 pizzas on my way in from town.

In our fridge we now have left over pizza, brats, and chicken legs.  Our home is sufficiently stocked up with man food!


Over the last 3 weeks we have been going into town to use wifi at the local library.  When the library is closed we head over to Starbucks.  Recently Tracy found this McDonalds down the road from us.  It has leather furniture, decent wifi and a lot of power locations.  I am going to start considering McDonalds for work in the future.  Comfortable and cheaper then Starbucks!

In 5 days we are heading out to our next destination.  We are heading out as soon as Labor Day is over.  Our campground is already really full and all the local bandwidth is being destroyed by people logging onto the network with things like printers and chrome books.  How are we going to get online with so many amateur RVers killing the bandwidth with nonessential equipment?

Looks like today will be a great day to check out those couches at the McDonalds down the road!


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