It is once again a frozen Wisconsin.  A few days ago it was almost 50F outside.  We were running around without hats and jackets.  Today it is about 7F and we are scheduled to have -30F windchill.

Friday at 5pm I put out a full 30lb propane cylinder.  Sunday at 5pm I had to swap it out with a fresh one.

Friday night winds hit 55mph in the area.  I was super happy that my slide topper stayed on.  I will leave it this winter, but this summer I am putting something on top to help secure it.

I have heard that a tornado sounds like a freight train.  I now know this to be true.  The wind blowing on the RV was unbelievably loud.  The RV was shaking all over.  The wind was blowing hard enough that it was blowing thru the RV.

Our poor heater was cycling on and off every 5-7 minutes!

I will say that it did stay fairly toasty.

Yes the drafts where cool, but we had the heater set at 70 so things were pretty nice inside.

If you chose to winter in an RV EVERYONE needs slippers!  Thick socks are not really enough.

Everyone also needs their own blanket.

The breeze is what will get you.  Its not so much that it chills you – its just you are feeling the cold as well as the heat.

It is when you sit down to relax that you notice it.  When you are walking around cooking, cleaning, or chasing the cat, you don’t really notice the cold.

Sit down and wham! You feel a bit chilly quickly.  The blanket isn’t so much used to get warm – it is used to keep that cool breeze off you.

Tracy’s couch noodle insulation is something I highly recommend – especially if you are sitting on a slide.

The current winter freeze we are experiencing is the worst one we have encountered while RVing full-time.  All our faucets / water systems are holding up, except for the bathroom sink.

For whatever reason, we have to keep opening the cabinet door under the sink so the water will thaw.  There is a big gap next to the door for the heat, but not heat is getting in.

The bathroom is also the best room in our house.  It has a heating vent right next to the toilet.  That room will feel like it is 80F.  The cat loves to hang out in there!

We shall see how we survive the night.  We have made it thru 0F temperatures below, so now we will see how the RV holds up to a few days of below zero temperatures.

In another week it will be above 30F again.  At that point we will figure out how to winterize the RV in the winter for a month.

I still look around the RV sometimes and am excited we are living like a bunch of hobos!

It is sort of nice having daily adventures in this new life of ours!

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