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People often think that because your home is an RV you are on vacation.  It makes sense that people will come to this conclusion.  Most people in RVs are on vacation.  A common issues is that when people move into their RV they have to train themselves to not be on vacation.  Your natural inclination when you enter an RV is to relax.

Unless you live and work full-time in your RV.  Then your natural inclination is to clean it up.  If anything is out of place in an RV, the entire house looks like a dump.  That is why most RVs look pretty decent on the inside.  Is your house dirty?  Rearrange the pillows on the couch and I bet it looks pretty clean!

We recently decided to make another trip up to Pennsylvania to visit my parents.  We just had visited a little over a month ago, but hey, it’s Thanksgiving!

Going on vacation is actually a pretty big challenge.  Each RV has its own personality.  Some RVs are needy and need a lot of attention, some RVs are fine spending a little alone time.  Our RV is on the introverted side.  Set the heat to something reasonable (like 50F), turn off the water, make sure the underbelly heaters are on, and leave on the electric fireplace so the cat won’t die if the temperature plummets below freezing for an extended period of time.

Last January Tracy elected to stay at home when I visited my parents.  The temperatures often hovered below zero.  This year in Tennessee the weather has not been below freezing for more than 4 hours at a time.  We all felt the RV was safe enough.  We only left for 4 days.  If we would travel longer we would have to make some kind of special arrangements for the cat.

Because money is so tight for us right now we also hit up the ride share section of Craigslist.  Tracy found someone who was headed to Pittsburgh.

When we picked up our fellow traveler I asked if she had any plans to murder us.  She claimed she just wanted a ride, so we loaded up her gear and headed out.

We had two routes we could choose.  We ended up going through Virginia and West Virginia because it was little faster then driving through Ohio.  The problem was we drove through a snow storm.  The trip up and down ended up taking us about 12 hours.  Those are long travel days!

Another thing we did was bring a cooler and put food in it.  Drinks and food from the grocery store are way cheaper then the gas station or restaurant.  Sure you look a little funny making a sandwich and pumping gas, but it saves you $25 a meal!

gas and lunch

We also ended up picking up my brother at the airport on our way to my parents.  It was good seeing him.  I think it was over 2 years since I last had the chance to hangout with him.

My parents also wanted to celebrate the boys birthday while we visited.  We staged a “fake birthday” party.  The boy loved it, and now he is going to get two birthday celebrations this year!

We also ended up having our Thanksgiving meal at a nearby relatives house.  It was fun getting to meet my cousins (and great cousins?), many of whom I have not seen in what may be decades!

It is worth thinking about vacations when you are picking out an RV.  Where are you going to keep your luggage?  How much attention does your RV need before it is better to just winterize it?

Right now we are doing the math.  We want to visit my sisters house for Christmas – will we drive the RV? Just take the car?  How long can the house and cat live without our direct intervention?

Lucky for us, our RV is very easy to protect from the cold.  The RV is happy to sit for an extended period of time with little to no supervision.

It is great knowing that we can leave the house alone for awhile, but it is always a worry that we will have to deal with that we never had to think about with our brick and mortar house.  It’s just another something for you future full-timers to think about.

half birthday walker watching tv boy video games tracy driving to pa fall is gone

Has a few swears that are safe for TV, but maybe not for little children.  If you visit your parents for the Holidays this video will resonate with you….

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