When you dream about full-timing in an RV you think about traveling all over the planet.  The biggest issue most people have for not being able to full-time is that they do not have a job that is location independent.

Instead people just dream about it.  What if you don’t want to give up a steady paycheck?  What if your skills don’t translate into remote work?  What if you are not ready?

I would like to suggest that maybe RV living could still be for you.

If you buy a nice RV + your park expenses + your living expenses = everything being about what it would cost for home ownership.  Even roof, floor, and plumbing repairs are all on par with normal house living.  I am sure that in some places like California or other high tax areas,  an RV could be cheaper.

Now if you are debt free and own your RV, then things get significantly cheaper.  All the sudden you don’t have to make a $500-$1000 dollars a month mortgage plus your park and and living expenses.

Often times when I research a bit deeper into full-time RV blogs I see the authors are usually debt free and have bought a gigantic piece of crap RV  for little money.  Even funnier is when you see on the about page a little tribute to a relative that has passed.  Perhaps that windfall from a relatives was just the security blanket they needed?

That being said, some people are just much wiser with time and money.  I have met some full-time RVers they were constantly working – working way more then I would ever be willing to do.  They were true entrepreneurs.  They wanted to work and travel and they were definitely working and traveling!

I moved into an RV to enjoy the simple life and to get back to nature and the basics.  Not to work non-stop for a mobile lifestyle.

So if you want to go full-time in an RV and you can’t be mobile, what are some reasons to make the jump?  Here are a few I thought of:

  • Simplified Lifestyle.  You can’t get more simplified in American then by living in less than 400 square feet!  There is no fooling yourself into thinking you are a minimalist.  You are a minimalist!
  • Back to Nature.  You are cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  You hear birds and animals.  You experience the wind and the rain in all new ways.  You are no longer cut off from the physical world.  You no longer are isolated from the outside or your neighbor by the false security of your house.
  • Mobility.  You are no longer restricted to one setting.  You can live in different areas in your community.  Even if you have very limited RV parks to choose from, you will find places to stay you had no idea existed!  If a neighbor is bothering you, then you can move!  You can pay a premium and live in a park with swimming pools in the summer, and you can move to park with access to skiing areas in the winter!
  • Vacations.  You may live in the RV, but you can also take it on vacation.  For a short vacation an RV can be expensive, but for a longer vacation, and RV can be cheaper.  At some point  hotel stays get really expensive!  Nothing is better then to not have to pack for vacation.  Move your house and your minimalist possessions!
  • Independence. Many RVs (mainly class A’s) are completely independent.  That means they can provide power, sewer, and shelter all in one package!  Granted they can only be an island for a limited amount of time, but during an emergency, those few days can mean everything.  There is a reason many charities want volunteers who own RVs – RVers are not 100% reliant on outside utilities.
  • Adventure! You see how everyone else is living – why not try something new?  You want to try out some new challenges? Why accept the status quo?

Living in an RV isn’t for everyone.  Adventure is ultimately just a bunch of problems you celebrate your success at.  Some people hate problems and conflict, and new problems and conflict are just not something they need.  Other people thrive with adventure.  They come alive at overcoming obstacles.  Some people feel that they just don’t want to live normal lives – they want to have that extra layer of independence and simplicity.

Full-time travel is definitely a dream for our family, but ultimately RVing is about rebooting.  It’s about getting close to God, ourselves, and nature.

What do you most look forward to?

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