I am pretty busy so I don’t have a lot of time for extra things. One of my few hobbies I now have is commuting.

I use to live about 50 feet from work. My house was literally in the parking lot. In many ways it was awesome. I could get up at 8:10 and still be at an 8:30 meeting.

I really enjoyed being that close to work.

When we moved into the RV we moved 17.5 miles away from work. That is a 23 minute commute. I have to plan to be at work on time. I have to pay attention on the way home and can’t be exhausted. I have to be awake enough to drive in. I don’t want to die from bad driving!

I was pleasantly surprised that I am enjoying my commute. When I was right out of college I had a 1 hour commute – that was fun, but hard. Once out of exhaustion I was even in a minor fender bender.

20 minutes is about perfect. It’s not long enough to be tiring. It is long enough that I can refocus myself.

I cant leave work and plop on the couch – I have to leave work, drive home, think about what the night holds, and then do those activities.

My mind is pretty active. I have yet to even turn on the radio or listen to a podcast. My mind needs those 20 minutes just to unwind and get into family mode.

I am even remembering to do favors that Tracy asks me to do. I think thats because I am using the time to disengage from work and think about family.

I used to do small work tasks all evening long. I am finding my commute lets me compartmentalize my work. It’s letting me actually have a home life.

So for now my current hobby is my commute.

I think I am doing pretty good at it.

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