So one of the big looming problems we are working on is what to do this winter in terms of location. When we chose to move, we found 1 place that was open for the winter. This place, aka The Marsh, is 28 minutes away from work.

My wife, being the awesomely brainiac woman that she is, started looking into alternative locations. The only other places she found were state parks – Both in a closer location than The Marsh, but both more expensive.

We need two state parks because they have rules saying you can only stay in them for 2 out of every 3 weeks. This means we can rotate from park to park.

We only get around 14mpg highway in our prime mover, aka The Land Cruiser. That means if we can save major milage, it could be worth paying the extra campground fees.

Here are Tracy’s current numbers:

My major concerns are as following:

  1. We won’t be able to have a large propane tank outside our RV – we will be limited to our 33 gal. tank – we won’t be able to carry a large canister around with us. My understanding is that 33gal may only be good for 2 or 3 days in below freezing temps.
  2. We will have to design a smaller portable skirting system. Haybales would be too large to transport around
  3. Some parks only have 30amp power. Will our new tank heaters be ok with that?

The positive side is my commute will sometimes only be 12 minutes. My wife could drop me off somedays, run chores, hang out at home and then come back and pick me up.

The new campgrounds could lead to a more connected and sane lifestyle for Tracy. Tracy is also starting school soon, so it would lead to much shorter commute times for her as well.

I don’t know what the right answer is. We have a lot of known questions that need to be answered. Plus their are a lot of unasked questions that need to be answered as well.

The great thing about our new life is we are going to answer these questions. We have to answer them in order to survive.

If we would have waiting until all questions were fully answered before we left our house, we never would have been able to move into the RV.

We would still be at home in a house with no furniture trying to figure everything out.

I’ll take a fun and exciting lifestyle with instability over a safe and boring lifestyle every time.



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