When we first started talking about living in an RV we read a lot about other families who had already done it.  I remember we laughed when we read about a family who described the master bedroom as the source of many late night wind storms.

I also remember thinking about how the whole “marital bliss” thing would work in an RV. It is not something that I think most designers take into account when they design RVs.  You can tell by how almost all class A models have the bunk beds that end up partially in the master bedroom.

I will say that I have no idea how people with families live in a travel trailer.  Those things shake like the earth is going to open up and swallow everyone inside it.

I will say the one great thing about a class A RV is the North-South axis is pretty stable.  The rig is over 20,000lbs and has stabilizer jacks.  It’s solid platform.

The West-East axis is much more unstable.  Most class A RV’s have the bed in this direction.  We originally had the bed in that direction as well.  It didn’t take long to realize that we needed it set to the North – South axis.

Favorite Quotes:

“Dad – I could have sworn there was an earthquake around 11pm last night – but I knew that was impossible so I went back to sleep”

“Mom – I heard the wind blowing in one direction but the RV shook in a different direction.  That just didn’t make sense.”

I will say – I do love the Outlaw floor plan.  It’s family friendly in a ‘practical’ way!

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