A few months before we bought our RV we decided to start over.  We gave away all our stuff, simplified our lives, and learned to live a more intentional lifestyle.  These entries talk about why we gave it all away, the process we went thru, what happened, how my kid felt, and how we currently feel about our adventure.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know your story about freedom from things!

The summer of 2010 was a pretty epic summer.  I blew my back out sneezing in the shower and I later found out I had actually ruptured a disc.  Work wasn’t going that great.  Tracy was stressed because our umpteenth attempt at adopting a kid had fallen thru.  Overall it was not a banner year.

For the past few years Tracy had been sometimes asking if we could give all our things away.  She wanted to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

I think that God had been working on my heart as well.  I wanted to start over.  I didn’t really want to give my stuff away.  I was pretty pumped about my 50″ plasma panasonic TV.  It was beautiful.  And playing Gran Turismo with the official GT steering wheel was stinking AWESOME!

I think for both of us, we just knew that more things wasn’t what we needed.

Thanks to my sister we had about 5 high end spatulas.  We had multiple complete sets of cooking pots and pans.  Multiple sets of silverware.  We had lots of clothes and plenty of entertainment items.  We had more then we needed or could use.

I think two major things influenced me to let go.

We listened to a book by Shane Claiborne called “The Irresistible Revolution”  In this book Shane talks about how he lived 100% of his life chasing after God and helping others.  It was very challenging and thought provoking.

A year later I heard a teaching from Robert Morris on money.  Essentially he talked about learning to hear from God and trusting God with your money.  It was very inspiring to hear about how he tried to out give God.

I will note that I did not hear God ask me to give my things away.  I did not have a spiritual “burden” to be super holy and live like a monk.  I don’t however dismiss spirituality.

I did have the desire to give our stuff away.  Something had changed.  Tracy may have been ready to give it all away years earlier, but I took some time.

I think I was just ready to be free from stuff.  I think I was frustrated at work.  The adoption stuff sucked.  I wanted spiritual clarity.  I wanted to be free from taking care of the crap at my house.  I just wanted to be free.

I don’t think owning “stuff” is bad.  I just think for us, we needed everything out of the way.  We needed no distractions so we could learn to start over, hear from God, and prioritize each other.

Tomorrow: How The Give Away Worked

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