A few months before we bought our RV we decided to start over.  We gave away all our stuff, simplified our lives, and learned to live a more intentional lifestyle.  These entries talk about why we gave it all away, the process we went thru, what happened, how my kid felt, and how we currently feel about our adventure.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know your story about freedom from things!

I remember after everything was gone.  I think we all felt relief.  I felt gratefulness.  It was such a peaceful time.

A few days after the great giveaway we held an empty house party.  We invited some friends over, sat on folding chairs borrowed from our church and ate a gigantic sub sandwich.

We made a goal of not buying anything for a few weeks.  We just wanted to enjoy having nothing.

I remember a few days later Tracy bought some ingredients to make brownies.  She took a plastic cup and put some measuring marks on it.  She mixed it up in a plastic bag.  She cooked them in a borrowed cast iron skillet.

We went out to eat a lot!  Lots of trips to Starbucks.  Lots of frozen pizzas.  We would go to a fast food restaurant and take the plastic forks and knives home.  We would rewash them over and over.

We ate supper at a friends house one day.  Afterwards Tracy and Andrei volunteered to wash the dishes.  Tracy said that Andrei said that he felt sorry for our friends because they had so many dishes they had to keep clean.

One of our pastor friends talked about it in his message.  We started getting offers for free washers and driers and microwaves.  We turned them all down.

If we were going to start over we might as well buy nice stuff we actually liked.  We also only wanted to get what we needed.  Over a year later we still only have 1 pot and 1 skillet to cook with.  We have 1 serving spoon.  We have only 1 measuring cup.

As we bought things we were able to celebrate and appreciate them.  We have only 3 drawers in our kitchen.  One for silverware, one for cooking utensils, and one for everything else.

I remember only buying spoons one week.  Forks the next.  I remember how happy Tracy was when she found dishes she like at Goodwill.

One night, we ate a fund raiser for meals on wheels.  They gave you a hand crafted soup bowl.  Those were the only dishes we had for a LONG TIME.

I remember shopping actually being fun.  Going into a thrift store: “Do we still want one of these?”

We would look back – how often did we use it in the past? Only a few times a year? All the time? Do we have something else that is just as good?

Potato masher? We only made mash potatoes twice last year – forget about it.

It’s a year and a half later – we still are on the look out for cool stuff for the house.  We just are doing it very slowly and deliberately.

Tomorrow: How our kid dealt with it all…

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