A few months before we bought our RV we decided to start over.  We gave away all our stuff, simplified our lives, and learned to live a more intentional lifestyle.  These entries talk about why we gave it all away, the process we went thru, what happened, how my kid felt, and how we currently feel about our adventure.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know your story about freedom from things!

It is interesting talking to my son about the sale.  Some days he tells how much he loves it.  Other days he says how much he misses our old stuff.

Much like me, Andrei misses the HDTV and the ps3.  A 3ds and a Playstation Vita aren’t as good!

I think after talking to Andrei that he has good memories of living in our old home.  Even after we had nothing.  At the same time he enjoys living in the RV.  He goes back and forth on the issue.

It was interesting because when we gave our stuff away we let him keep his stuff.  Over the next few months we did notice something.

“where did your Lego Star Wars toys go?”

“didn’t you use to have a bunch of GI-Joes?”

Meanwhile lots of kids would always be hanging around the house.

We had some friends over for dinner.  They were all playing Nerf Guns.  At the end of the afternoon Andrei told all the boys they could keep the guns.  All the boys cheered and ran into their family minivan.  The next day the dad called me up and wanted to know when he could drop off the guns.

He wasn’t allowed to bring them back.  My kid had actually given away all his toys on his own.

He saw the value of not having to take care of his stuff.

To this day the aspect of caring for things is something he considers when he picks what he wants.  He actually understands the fact that he will have to pick up his Legos if he ever chooses to buy any again.

In between the free sale and the RV purchase Andrei asked if we could buy a couch.  I asked him if we would be willing to help keep it clean?

“No! I don’t want a couch bad enough to help take care of it!”

LOL – that’s our boy!

Tomorrow: Upkeep

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