A few months before we bought our RV we decided to start over.  We gave away all our stuff, simplified our lives, and learned to live a more intentional lifestyle.  These entries talk about why we gave it all away, the process we went thru, what happened, how my kid felt, and how we currently feel about our adventure.  Enjoy and feel free to let me know your story about freedom from things!

When you make a lifestyle choice like we did, it takes effort to maintain it.

Even though we now live in an RV we still manage to take trips to Goodwill to dump off things.  Somehow we still end up with items we don’t want or need

You know you are living in America when after you give all your stuff away, a bunch of stuff comes creeping back into your life without your permission!

I am impressed that my kid doesn’t ask for toys he doesn’t play with.  When he is done with a toy he gives it away or asks Tracy to drop it off at Goodwill.

Once my mother-in-law asked for a knick-knack.  Andrei asked what a knick-knack is for?  Grandma explained how they sit on shelves and look pretty.

Andrei explained that having things you need to clean and not play with is just silly.  I could have sworn that Tracy was beaming with pride….

A few months after the free sale was over we did end up buying a house.

We of course bought an RV.  It took about 6 months of practice trips and dreaming, but about 1 year after the free sale we moved into it full time.

I do sometimes regret not selling our stuff.  I still miss my ps3, steering wheel and TV set.  I do miss not being able to take a long hot shower whenever I felt like it.

I just wouldn’t be able to go back to where I came from.  My new found success without things is only driving me forward more.

I credit the free sale for helping us stay focused.  It put us in a position were we could not be comfortable enough to settle anymore.

I think in many ways we are comfortable again, and now we are just beginning to push forward to whatever is next.

Hopefully whatever is next is full of traveling!


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