Being stationary doesn’t mean that nothing is happening worth blogging about.  I have wanted to write a bunch of blog posts lately, but I have done a terrible job taking pictures.  Yes, blog posts have been pretty slow because I have not had anything to take pictures of!  I will endeavor to blog more this holiday, but I will just have to reuse pictures.  Or take some pictures and spread them out over a few posts.

Job searching has continued to be interesting.  I am working on 3rd and 4th interviews with a few companies.  I have had 3 or 4 other job interviews end up not hiring anyone.  It was frustrating to go to multiple interviews and at the end have the hiring company decide that they would wait a few months, or that they didn’t actually need anyone at all.  A lot of jobs ask you to custom make a video, or do special work along with the interview.  It is hard to apply for more than 2 jobs a day at most because of all the custom content I needed to create.  The worst is when you have to manually enter all your work history, references, and other details into a database.  Then they still want your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin account.  I don’t understand why most companies will not pull your data off of Linkedin.

I am close to a job offer with a few places right now.  One of my favorite places is located in Iowa, but we are experienced winter campers so it shouldn’t be a big deal.  The job would be great because it would let me learn some new skills, yet I could bring a lot to the table with my current skill set.

One of the perks of living in an RV is I don’t have to limit my searches to a specific geographic region.  While I am working hard to find a job in the Knoxville area that can support us, I do have keyword searches set up that search for jobs nationally.

I can tell it is time for me to find a job because I volunteered to help a local non-profit with internet marketing.  I don’t think I can sit around anymore.  I have to find things to do in order to stay productive.  Volunteering will let me get out and start networking with people in the community.

I still feel blessed that we took a chance and moved out of our old situation.  I am often reminded by family members that we could have stayed, but I don’t think that was the right thing to do.  We all can look at the past and second guess things, or we can look ahead and meet new challenges.

Just because you are in distress or facing huge challenges does not mean that you made the wrong choice.  Even in biblical times success and blessings was not the sign that you were loved by God.  EVERYONE goes thru challenges and problems.  Trials and tribulations are precursors to blessings and growth.  If you are not willing to accept discomfort then how can you expect to grow and mature?

We have been working on an advent reading as a family.  Another blogger wrote the readings for their small children, but for us, the readings have been perfect.  Advent is about learning to wait.  Learning to trust.  Learning to live in the moment.  I have been attending a liturgical church for the first time in my life.  The messages this month are all about learning to wait.

This holiday season is not about celebration for me this year.  This year the holidays are about waiting, about contemplation, about promise.  As I learn to wait, I learn to trust.  I learn to expect great things.

Things are not as planned, but I still see God’s guiding hand on our lives.  I still see that we are not abandoned.  Every day God meets us where we are, and I hope this Christmas that you see a little of God meeting you as well.

Every year Tracy and I make a video greeting card.  I hope you like it!

Homer Christmas 2014

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