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We had to move to a new spot for the weekend.  The good news is we apparently are good enough that the park gave us an awesome location.  Last time they moved us we were stuck halfway down the lane and it was a very tight fit.  This time they put us 2nd spot from the end.  I was able to back right into the spot with no worries.

I am going to miss looking out the window at the city of Duluth.  The park has no laundry, no snack store, and the public bathroom is a chemical toilet in a trailer next to a pier, yet the view makes it totally worth all the hassles.

I am getting excited to get on the move.  One of the first stops I want to make is getting our propane system pressure tested.  I always seem to smell whiffs of propane around the the propane tank.  If their is a leak it is minor.  I have sniffed around propane tanks for grills and I always smell propane on the those tanks as well.

I figure if the possible leak hasn’t killed us in the last few months we can make it a few more days.  The propane tank has shown empty on the gauge for the last week so now would be a good time to get it looked at.

I tried to make appoints in Duluth at 4 different locations.  All the places refused to look at it.  Apparently all the repair places are full until November.

I will try and find someplace in Michigan to take a gander at the problem.  All the RV shops said they have a device that can tell if there is a leak almost instantly, but they all refused to let me stop by and have them quick check 🙁

In other news a pastor friend of ours interview us.  You can listen to the podcast here.  The interview was both fun and challenging.  It is always bizarre to talk about your lifestyle.  At some point having nothing and living in an RV turns into normalcy for you, so when people start asking about your story its hard to remember and keep it all in context.

We are closing in on 3 months of our nomadic lifestyle.  I don’t know what it is, but I have really felt that God is going to open up something for us after the 3 months are complete.  I feel like I have had a sabbatical.  A healing time of rest, research, and contemplation.

I feel really at peace with our choice to reboot.  Our choice to listen to what we heard God our tell us.  Our choice to live differently.

I can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out!

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