After surviving winter in an RV, we prepare to embrace the freshness of spring.

That means spring cleaning.

And spring remodeling.

Last year Tracy came up with idea of getting our bed off the ground.  In theory this is a great idea.  If the bed is off the ground, moisture will not be trapped under the box springs.  It should also be warmer because the cold air sinks under the bed.

Like many great ideas at HIWML, this idea remained an idea.  Until you write down your dreams and make them a reality, your dreams will always remain your dreams!

This freshness of spring must have inspired Tracy to implement a dream – a dream to have a clean bedroom!

Tracy enlisted my help to make this happen.  I was ok with this chore because my side of the bed had a large hole in it.

It’s a long story, but right after we moved into the RV we decided to rotate our bed from a side-to-side orientation to a front-to-back orientation.  Tracy went into the house to get more moving supplies.  While I was dragging the box springs around I stepped on one.  And I crushed the side of it.  And right then my friend Gigantical walked in and saw me do it!

I of course quickly demanded that he keep quiet.  Amidst his laughing he helped me quickly rearrange the bed and get the mattress on-top.

I knew I had gotten away with it!

Over the last year it has been getting worse and worse.  It was to the point that we would warn each other to not fall into the hole when we went to bed.

Tracy had a plan to fix this.  We would layout some wooden pallets and make a deck.  We would place the mattress on top of the deck and that would be our new bed!

Step one was to empty out the bedroom.  This was fairly easy because our bedroom is in the garage of our toy hauler.  We simply lowered the back ramp and started dragging everything out.

It was sort of disgusting.  Moisture is a major problem with RVs.  Under the box springs were puddles.  And the box springs were molding.  GROSS!

After emptying out the bedroom, I loaded the mattresses up into the Land Cruiser and headed out to the dump.  For only $38 they let me leave the moldy box springs behind.

I wish I lived in the South.  They don’t have a problem with dumping old furniture on the side of the highway!

After I got back to the RV we started arranging pallets.  The back of our bedroom floor ramps down to help make the entrance ramp shallow.  That means that the last 2 feet of the floor dips and is not level.  That meant the back two pallets kept banging around.

After we got the mattress on-top of the pallets everything seemed to stabilize itself.


The pallets sticking out the side of the bed make for a nice shelf.

The results are what Tracy called “shabby chic”

Ok its very college dormitory feeling!  That is ok tho.  It was super cheap and it is highly functional.  Our bed is a king sized bed and almost touches both sides of the RV. Still, I’ve always wanted to put one of those affordable recliners – not a large one – to make the room cozy.

As of right now there is about 5 inches of pallet that need to be sawzalled off whenever my father-in-law gets to stop by and chop it up.

We slept on the new bed and it worked well enough.  I hate getting up off the bed because the pallet is sticking out too far.  It makes things awkward and I am afraid I will get splinters all the time!  Also the extra 4 inches of pallet sticking off the bottom of the bed really cuts into our dressing area.

All in all it was a great project for Tracy and I.  Nice and simple and no power tools needed!


You can see the pallets extending out the bottom of the bed. That will be cut off soon. The extra length makes it hard to get out of the bed and not get a splinter!


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