the rv cupboard

Camping season is in full effect.  Everyone is packing up their RVs for the weekend.  A common question people get concerned about is how do you pack the cupboards up so that things don’t break?

I see people start talking about dishes that don’t break.  People start eating off of paper plates or using all Corelle dishes.  People start doing weird things like putting socks over glasses and making custom foam holders for everything.

Relax.  You are living in an RV, not a tent!  Bring your regular dishes!  Bring your favorite mugs and glasses.  Use real silverware!  Bust out some bowls and glass cookware.

I can’t figure out why everyone is so paranoid about breakage.  We have all our stuff haphazardly stuffed in the cupboard and we have had nothing break from driving around the RV.

We have jumped curbs, went over heavily potted dirt roads, and had our share of emergency stops.

The worst that has happened was when we did a u-turn in a parking lot and went over a curb in St. Louis.  A cupboard flew open and we lost some canned goods and boxes of noodles.

Even after a few panic stops, nothing in the cupboards really moves around or crashes.  Glasses don’t break, bowels don’t chip.

I sort of think it is important when you make your RV a home – for a weekend or for a lifetime – you need to embrace a more relaxed atmosphere.   You need to just see how things work for you.  Quit spending all week trying to make the ultimate packing list.  Quit buying all new dishes.

Sit back.  Enjoy.  Your dish breaks?  Just relax!  Go to Goodwill and get some more!

I am mostly just letting you know that you don’t need any special dishes or special packing.  You can just throw in some dishes and you will be good to go!

Relax – you are living in an RV – you are fine!  Quit worrying about life!

Speaking of relaxing,  Check out the picture below of what unpacking grocery bags looks like in an RV.  With so little cupboard space you just dump everything on the floor and start cramming stuff into cupboards.  If you suffer from OCD you will have to have your meds upgraded when an RV gets disorganized.  Everything gets crowded and messy – then 10 minutes later everything is back to normal!

One of the more fun things that happens with location independent living is you get to try all different kinds of food.  Tracy brought back some crazy coffee flavors.  She bought 3 different flavors: Bourbon, Chipotle, and Absinthe.

I don’t know if they will taste any good.  Seems so bizarre.  Maybe Sioux Falls has a lot of big drinkers who need to get their drink on before work?

I turned in some quotes for some freelance work.  We will see what happens.  Keep us in your prayers!

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