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The American RV family vacation is unique.  Other countries have various forms of trailers and campers, but only in America can a family affordably climb into a gigantic self contained house and drive around.  America and Canada have the roads, infrastructure and support that no other country can so readily provide.

No special licensing, no special permits, and no special fees.

When families from other countries visit N. America, renting an RV to tour the country is a privilege that only a small percentage of the world ever has a chance to experience.

What is more uniquely American than experiencing the pinnacle of freedom on the open road in a RV?

After a few hours of driving you can pull into a rest area or scenic overlook.  You can walk around your very own hotel room on wheels.  Use the bathroom, make a snack or meal in the kitchen, take a nap on the couch or bed, and sit in the front captains chairs and gaze at the scenery.

As you look around you can see people lining up use the restroom or eat some terrible fast food.  You can see people in parked cars with the windows rolled down a bit trying to catch a few winks of sleep in the blistering heat.

Your family is able to bring the amenities from home.  Delicious meals, clean bathrooms, clean beds, and climate control.

Taking a family vacation ends the “Are we there yet?” question that children so often ask.  If the family gets bored looking out the extra large spacious windows of the rolling home, they have power for computers, onboard satellite reception, access to the bathrooms, and access to their own bunks for when they get tired of each other.

Your family vacation stops being split into travel days and vacation days.  All the days just become vacation days!

RVs even give you freedom to choose what kind of environment you wish to camp in.

When most people go on vacation they end up in a hotel room.  In a city or at a resort.

When a family takes an RV vacation they can usually choose to stay in a urban campground in the city.  This allows the camper to be close to all the city amenities and activities.

The RVer can also choose to camp in a wilderness park far away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Did you know that the government maintains thousands of acres of land just for public enjoyment and use?  These wild acres are located all over the United States and can be camped in for very little money.  In addition to the wild lands the government also maintains national parks, and your local state government runs state camping parks as well.

If your family vacation is part work and part vacation, the RV makes the perfect compromise.  You can park the RV at the office meeting hall or the convention hall for a few days.  Minimize your commute time and get close to all the action.

You may have always wanted to take an RV vacation.  Everyone should experience an RV vacation at least once in their lifetime.  You may even have your dream RV picked out.  Cost and time definitely are a limiting factor for many families.  The good news is that renting is starting to become accessible and affordable.

We used to stay in hotels, and then people opened up bed and breakfast homes.  Now we have AirBnB, a service that lets people rent out their homes on a short term basis.  We even are at the point where AirPnP (bathroom rentals!) is being launched for your convenience!

The same thing that is happening for room rentals has started happening for RVs.  Your only option used to be to purchase an RV.  Then various rental services popped up.  Now the AirBnB for RVs has launched as well: RVshare.com.

RVShare.com lets people rent out their RVs during the times the owners would not normally be able to use the RV.

This lets the owner help offset the cost of owning and maintaing their RV, and lets a guest experience the true awesome freedom of travel that can only happen in an RV.

Renting an RV takes the burden of RV ownership away from the renter.  Instead of maintaing and taking care of an RV you can now affordably rent your perfect RV for just the time you need it.  You will not have to worry about winter storage, leaks, or maintenance!

Summer is just getting started!  Book your time-off from work while you still can!  Make your family vacation a journey instead of a destination this year!

RVing used to only be accessible to a very few because of the large initial investment one needed to make.  We are now seeing the RV family vacation starting to become affordable.  If you get a chance to rent an RV this year, be sure to drive out and visit!

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