winter heat conundrum

I have mentioned a few times that despite the terrible winter lows (-60F at one point with windchill) we have been nice and comfortable.

A major source of our heat is our electric fireplace. Unfortunately our fireplace didn’t make it thru the winter and we have to buy some stoves with better quality.  The good news was we never paid for that fireplace.  It was a gift from Tracy’s parents.  It did a great job, it just didn’t like to run 24/7 for 6 months a year!

The cat was the biggest fan of the old fireplace.  The old fireplace made a great shelf.  We kept pictures and the napkins on it.


The biggest downside was that the old fireplace couldn’t stay put.  It was on wheels and it was too thick for its spot.  Whenever we had to move, we had to move the fireplace because it blocked the living room slider.  We couldn’t just move it into the hallway either.   The fireplace would roll around the RV when we drove.  We would end up having to stow it in the bathroom or drag it down to the sunken level master bedroom and lay it on the bed.  No matter where we kept the fireplace, it was always inconvenient.

The new fireplace is definitely sharper.  It is mounted securely to our wall and is thin enough it can stay put when we close the slide.  This new fireplace also has been doing a great job keeping the house warm.  Today we had to turn down the electric heater because it was actually making the RV  hot!

We actually went about 3 weeks without an electric fireplace.  When our old fireplace died we didn’t feel like paying $150-$300 to replace it.  What ended up happening is we were spending an additional $40-$60 a week in propane.  It didn’t take long to realize that we couldn’t wait until fall to purchase another fireplace.

We are living in Wisconsin,  sometimes winter lasts until June!

As of now I need to figure out how to plug everything in.  There is no room behind the TV, so the Roku and the Fireplace have ugly cables hanging down.  I will have to figure out how to fix things at some point.

What I do know is I am happy to have a fireplace back.  The new fireplace is super quiet and makes a great nightlight when I get up and walk around late at night.

Now we just have to solve one more problem.  I like the new fireplace to have the orange backlight, The boy wants the blue backlight, and the wife wants all the backlights turned off!

Once one problem is solved, a few more always manage to pop up 🙂

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