So another week has gone bye.  I was talking to Tracy about how easy it is to forget about the present and just think about the future.  When you have lofty goals and plans that are hampered by $$$ it is easy to just let the present pass you buy.  Its easier to fantasize about what you don’t have over accepting the reality of what you do have.

I am intent on making these next few years some of the best of my life.  I am intent on swimming in the pool with my kid as much as possible.  I live in an rv resort!  It is somewhat summer (we still need our electric blanket on in June!) so we need to take advantage of the weather while we can!

With summer we have shifted our schedules around  a bit.  Tracy made a dish washing schedule and every week she assigns 5 extra chores for us to get done.  These chores are designed to help spread the load of long term little projects.  The chores include things like decluttering cabinets and dusting off the tops of shelves.   All the little things that need to get done, but no one wants to do them.

We have finished up week 2 of our 8 week trial of the paleo diet.  We have both lost a few inches so it is working out.  This week we added exercises into the mix.  I am sore a lot!  I have one more set of exercises to do yet and I will get 2 days off!  Tracy also lent me a book from the library about the diet so I can learn more about what I can and can not eat.  I only have another week or so to read it so I better get at it!

It’s going to be a crazy few weeks.  I am short volunteers at work so the weekends are going to be harder.  I have to run sound for 2 up coming weddings, so I lose my day off for very little pay, and I have to figure out how to get things done ahead of time because I am going on vacation for 10 days following fathers day!

It is going to be a rough month in terms of getting work done.

Vacation is going to be fun because I will see my parents for the first time in almost a year.  I took more then a week off so I could actually just rest for a few days, and still have some energy to do some adventuring with the family.  I’ll have to see what I can get done in terms dirtying up the Land Cruiser on the family farm.  Last time I kept having caterpillars falling into the truck – we will see what happens this year.

Vacation also means another slow month of credit card repayment.  Sometimes it feels like debt repayment will take forever.  I am often wondering if I should take another job, but I have no idea how that could even be possible.

Everyone in the world has money problems, you just have to learn to live within your means until you solve them!

Free iOS app of the week: Fun Ways to Die – a great simple game to pass time between appointments!



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