Hokey Pokey Travel Day

Hokey Pokey Travel Day

We have been traveling for the last few days.  Our new home for the next month is now Cave City, Kentucky.  After traveling to Jackson, Michigan I asked Tracy if we could just give up on scheduling ahead.  I want to be able to take our time, stop when we want, and not be rushing around.

If it takes us 5 days or 2 days, we use the same amount of gas.  Since we carry our own power and water, we can park lots of places for free, why cannonball across the states?  We are not in a rush.

We left Jackson, Michigan the day after Labor Day.  Our checkout was scheduled 4 days later for this Friday, but we didn’t want to travel over the weekend.

Tracy made a list of Harvest Host locations and phones numbers in Indiana.  Our plan was to head South and make camp at various farms on the way down.

We would then take a break for lunch, wifi, and homeschool.  The boy is a little stressed because he is following a curriculum this year, but he seems to be doing a great job.  The boy is learning to go to school for real.  He has to listen to lectures, read chapters, take notes, and take real tests.  This is a big departure from his regular style of schooling.  He is doing the scholastic version of learning to stand in line.

school fight

One reason I wanted to try and slow down was we usually pass something cool and we do not have time to visit.  This trip we stopped in Homer, Michigan.  Who knew we had a town with our name in Michigan?

homer mi

So Homer, Michigan is pretty tiny, and it doesn’t replace Homer, Alaska on our bucket list, but it works for now!

I discovered an unwritten rule of parking in a parking lot.  I guess I have always seen how big rigs park in parking lots, I just never really thought it applied to me.  I realized what a disadvantage I was in at this McDonalds parking lot.  I was essentially blind as to what was going on.  I need to remember that I should always back-in to a parking spot when big rigs are around.

parking the wrong way

When it comes to parking I am pretty sure that a lot truckers like to haze and harass RVers.  We parked at a rest stop and a big rig moved next to us.  I mean RIGHT next to us.  He was over the line and Tracy could hardly get the RV door open to get out.  I have seen Semi’s park extra close to us multiple times.  I have been in an empty lot and have had semi trucks park very close to us even tho the entire lot is empty.

Parking the correct way!

We ended up staying at two different Harvest Hosts.  The first one was a winery that featured a really cool stone facade.  They filled up wire crates with rocks and made a cool wall.

HH1 hh2

On our way to the winery I somehow lost one side of my rock guard.  I can’t figure out how the guard tore off the diamond plate bumper.  When I tried to put the guard back into place the entire thing just fell off the bumper.  I am going to have to wait until I get some tools so that I can get it fixed.

broken eyelash broken2

Our second stop was also at a winery.  This one also had a restaurant.  A Harvest Host location with food is a dangerous stop for us.  We are on a tight budget, but after a few hours of driving, no one wants to make a meal.  Somehow we all ended up eating at the restaurant instead of making our own food!

We parked next to a vineyard.  I don’t know how I managed to keep me and the boy from eating the grapes, but we managed to not eat any of them!

vineyard vineyard2 vineyard3

I love staying at Harvest Host locations.  You are in the country and you get to travel some great back roads, and at night the sky is very black because you are so far away from all the light pollution of the cities.  Even though we lack power and have to suffer the heat, we all manage to sleep deep and awake well rested.

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