We have moved on to Duluth, Minnesota!  We also have hit the RV Parking spot jackpot!  We managed to snag a last minute spot downtown Duluth at a marina / rv park.  Our first night at the marina had this spectacular view out our front window!

The spot in the picture is just temporary.  It does not have a sewer, but the view is so awesome we don’t really mind!  We are now moved to a regular RV spot, but in a few weekends we will back back at the boat slip spot.  This park gets so full on the weekends we are playing RV Tetris.  Some weekends here are booked a year in advance.  That means we have to be willing be shuffled around if want to stay here longer than a week at a time.

Some RVers love getting out in the wilderness.  We also love the wilderness, but for us we love being in the heart of a city as well.  Being in a city is exciting!  You are close to all the stores, museums and other cool attractions.

If we were not in the city then we would have missed out on the visiting a Soviet themed hipster mexican restaurant and brewery.  How does that happen?  Tracy and I went out one night and entered their cribbage tournament.  We both won our first round, but we both lost 2nd round.  There were about 20 people in the tournament so we were happy with our first attempt.  We are going back next weekend to win!

soviet hipster bar 2 soviet hipster bar 1

Being in the city also gives us another advantage we like – unlimited 4g data.  We both recently switched to T-Mobile phones.  Most of the country has very slowly or spotty data with T-Mobile, but a lot of cities include unlimited 4g data.  We just bought a cable to let us hook our iPhones up to our television.

We are now able to watch Netflix again!

The best part about this park is the views of the city.  It is awesome to look out our front window and see the city of Duluth on the side of a large bluff overlooking the water.  All day we see and hear the sights of the city skyline, large freighter boats going in and out of the port, the beautiful lake Superior reflecting back the sky at us.

We also have been enjoying the cool temperatures.  The ceiling vent fans are able to finally take a break from cooling us down from the summer humidity.

This is one of my favorite parks we have visited so far.  I love seeing the hustle and bustle of the local sailors at the marina.  Everyday lots of new RVs come and go.  The harbor is full of change and visual drama.

Tracy remarked that Duluth is at the top of her choices for us to put down roots when we stop traveling.

I am still holding out for a view of the mountains in Idaho, but I have to say Duluth is an amazingly cool city with lots of things to do and see.  I have enjoyed the company of everyone we have met so far.

We have talked a lot about how we need to slow down when we travel.  Duluth makes me glad we are taking our time.  I can’t wait to see and experience all the things we can in Duluth, and I don’t want to be rushed!

harbor1 harborrv1 harborrv2 coolbridgelift waterview from front window at night boats

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