I love reading about other peoples adventures in RV living. So many people are very inconsistent with their blogging / story telling. That is ok tho. The internet is great because while some people leave, new people are always ready to take their place!

This is the second in the HIWML blog-roll series that features people full-time RV living.

Technomadia: Lets face it – it was cool to see the transition from pull-behind trailer to a class A bus conversion. I appreciate their reviews about everything from experimental battery packs to how to be connected via internet anywhere.

Tioga & George: An internet historical landmark. George does a great job writing light posts that tell a deep story over time. Every time I don’t see a post from George I feel like I missed out on something great that day.

To Simplify: This crazy jazz making dudes is always on the move. He lives in a pimp van down by the river. His blog is going to get very interesting as he moves down from a B+ class rv into a piece of junk broken down VW bus. He is going to let us all know if girls still find him attractive when they find out his new digs don’t have a bathroom it…. 😉

The Scholl Bus: Here is a family that knows how to hustle and just make life happen. They work crazy odd jobs and live in a crazy bus conversion with another pop top bolted onto its roof. It looks like they are all having a great time living the dream. Can’t wait to see how life at Amazon.com treats them!

Digital Mastery: Did you like the cool bus conversion in the movie ‘RV’? If you did then start following Ben’s blog. After seeing an entire year get flushed down the toliet with crazy RV builders, Ben has moved his bus conversion to a new shop. I can’t wait to see what a bus looks like when a sub 60 year-old with style starts decorating and designing it. Pay attention RV engineers, you might learn something!

Other Cool Reads:

You, Me and the D: A cool hip young couple work on keeping their sailboat afloat while they tour the oceans of the world. I always love to read about full-time boaters. RVers can learn a lot from the boating world.

Almost Fearless: A world traveling nomadic family shares their adventures. They just finished a feature film so I can’t wait to see it! You think your 300 square foot home is small? How about just a few suitcases! For Christmas I am asking for an enrollment into their blogging school.

So that should keep many of you busy with new stories to read. Do you have any favorite RV blogs? Let me know in the comments!


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