I have over 600 RSS feeds I read thru.  Well – I do click “mark all as read” a few times a week!

On the subject of fulltime RV living, their are a few blogs that I have been looking forward to reading.

Blogs that talk about RV living are sort of hit or miss.  Some only talk about family.  Some only talk about places they visit.  Some only talk about a pet project they are involved in.

Being critical of my own blog, I can see the problem is I don’t go anywhere or do anything at the moment.  That can make mine my blog a bit mundane to read.

I have been trying to cover actual living conditions in a blog.  When we were researching living in a RV it was hard to find people who just talked about “Life”.  I hope this blog can give you a bit of taste of that.

Yeah, it’s not about tracking all over America.  I hope one day it can be, but right now it is not.

You can find out how we deal with living stationary.  How we live with a kid.  How we are going to survive a Wisconsin winter.  With no sewer hook up.

Hey we are 5 days with no sewer and we have only used 1/2 of our water supply.  That is pretty good right?

Anyway, when I browse to my google RSS reader, I love to read about what is happening in the following sites:

Barnes Road Schooling RV Adventure: This blog is different from most.  Mainly because a guy is writing it.  I have not been following it long, but they seem to have just started traveling recently.

Intersellar Orchard: It was fun watching Becky go from dreaming and planning to actually fulltiming in her little trailer.  I don’t know if getting to travel and having to do factory work at Amazon is win for me, but I have been totally entertained.  I am curious to see where she ends up next.

Laura’s 79 Westy: My wife always says she would like to live in a VW bus.  This blog only goes to confirm the fact that I do not!  This blog is not updated often, but Laura is always on a crazy adventure that seems like fun.

The New Lighter Life:  This family seems to be a bit like ours.  They just moved into their 5th wheel and are figuring it out.  I like what they posted concerning the kitchen area.  I want some lazy-susans for our cabinets!  This is a fun blog to follow.  Their debt repayment plan was amazing.  I am trying to steal their RV skirting secrets!

Away at Home Mom: If your a guy, you will have to wade thru stories about swim wear, stretch marks, and potty training.  The good news is that the RV parts are better than most!  Plus her talks about RV life are much more honest then most.  From her struggles with poop smells to her current remodel project, its a blog to keep reading.  I look forward to finding out what kind of pick-up truck they buy.  I am rooting for a semi-truck!

Drive Nacho Drive: If you think you are hardcore because you live in an RV or you want too, then read this blog.  They are living in a 80’s era VW and are attempting to drive around the world.  The writing and pictures are amazing.  Again, the blog has convinced me that VW bus owners are insane.  I think their record is 100 miles between major breakdowns!

Wind Traveler:  Yeah, it is a sailboat.  This is a good time to jump in.  They are working on remodeling their current boat.  I can’t wait to see the final product.  I hope they post up a video tour!

I have lots of other blogs I follow.  Most are well known and many are hardly ever updated.  These blogs are more special then most.  They are updated regularly and have something different to offer.

Let me know if you have any other rarer hidden blogs you like!

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