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I once read on a boat forum that if you want to live on a boat you should understand that you will be touching your poop and other people’s poop far more often then you would like.

I would say that is true of RV living as well.

The good news was that this story will end with me not touching poop.  The bad news was that I was sure I would be touching poop this entire week.

You see it all started because my mother-in-law had knee surgery.  Then my father-in-law had commitments out of town.  My MIL obviously couldn’t be home without someone to help out, so my lovely wife volunteered to stay with my MIL and help her out.

The great thing is we live in a RV.  That means that even tho I refuse to sleep on my MILs guest bed, we can move my house to a closer spot so my family can at least be next to each other.

The 30 min trip into town went well.  I backed up all 39ft. of the Outlaw like a pro.  Dropped the auto levelers.  Umm that was weird.  Everything seems crooked.

We couldn’t open the slide because the slide is electric.  And I still don’t have batteries.  So we plugged in the RV next.  Then we opened the slide.  Then we all fell into the slide couch.  The RV was definitely crooked!

Next we turned on the water pump.  No water!

Went outside and confirmed it.  We had no water.

Fine.  Hooked up 3 hoses and spent the next 45 min filling it up.  One of the hoses had a hole in it.  After we filled up the tank we threw out the damaged hose.

It was totally awkward standing in a crooked RV.  the problem was the slide was out and the chairs up front turned to face the saloon.  In order to relevel we would need to bring in the slide, and pick up the living room.

Ehh, walking crooked for a week never killed anyone.

After we refilled the water I noticed the pump kept loosing prime and making noises.


I took a walk out and saw in the wetbay that water was coming in from the bathroom area.

I looked around the bathroom and could not find a leak.

So now what?  All I could think of was that I was going to have to touch poop.  I didn’t want to do that.

Lucky I have an awesome wife.  She told me I could fix it.  That I had to fix it!

Well I had to run to the RV store later in the week to buy a new fuse/relay thing.  I still don’t have the relay (or the batteries hooked up), but I will post about that fix later.  I mentioned that I went to the RV dealer because I asked him how to fix a leak.  He said that there are two sides to the water system. The tank storage side, and the pressure side.  He said to just start looking to you find it.  If the water pump is constantly running, then the pressure side is the problem.

Apparently the pressure side is the house/coach side of things.  It is pressurized and water pushed thru it.  If it has a leak then then the pump will keep  pumping water and trying to pressurize the system.  If the water is draining from the tanks, but the pumps not running, then something is messed up with the storage / holding side of the water system.

The first thing I did was the easy thing.  I looked at the pipes under the kitchen sink.  Everything was nice and dry.

That left something in the bathroom.  Crap.  My fears!

I saw under the bathroom sink was a board screwed into the floor.  I got out my handy dandy screwdriver and removed the board.  Then I shined a best EDC flashlight into the area.

Everything was wet.  And I saw daylight.  And the leak.  The outside city water hook up spins.  The hook-up had spun off the plastic pipe.

The pipe had a fitting with flanges for finger tightening.  I tightened it all up.  And the water pump immediately quit pumping.  In fact all day the pump has been quite.

I did it!  I conquered my fears.  I fixed something.

That is pretty huge.  I hate fixing stuff.  I don’t know how to fix crap.  It’s giving me confidence to try and fix other things.  I am in the middle of fixing my batteries right now.  As it stands I managed to break a fuse that no one can help me find and purchase.

It doesn’t matter.  I am fixing it myself.  And I am going to start fixing my crappy car as well.

Baby steps.

All i know for sure is that I just save hundreds of dollars, and all I had to do was try.

Baby steps are still steps.


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