So someone turned on the cold in Wisconsin.  The RV is covered in ice.  The gutters are frozen.  Last night I was hanging out after work and I thought “It is getting cold!”

So I continued to suffer.  We figured out that every $80 we save is a day payed for when we travel around the world.  I didn’t want to be the one to turn on the heater!

Finally after an evening of freezing I saw the light was on for the water heater.  You would think when a light is on that means the hot water heater is working.  No! that means the tank is having issues igniting.

So at 11am am I am outside in boots and my pajamas swapping out the propane canisters.  The 30lb canister made it 6 days in this weather.  That is not too bad!

After getting things hooked up, I came inside and cranked on that heat – I had to ‘Test’ it!

Heat started pouring out of the ducts.  Life was good once again.  So we went to bed for the night.

The next morning we woke up and the house was so warm!  The floor was so toasty – no slippers needed!

What is the temperature outside? It is so nice in here!


Uh oh!

Yes I left the furnace on 70F all night while we slept.  I burned thru about 10lbs of propane!

I heated an RV in the middle of winter while everyone slept!  Waste of money!

So after work me and the boy went about getting the RV ready for our Christmas Vacation.  For Christmas we are going out of town, so the RV has to be prepped.  Hopefully this tank of propane can last the entire time!

So the first thing we did was start filling up the water tank.  We have this process down pretty good, and I am storing my waterline inside the utility closet at work so things are good to go.

While the water is filling we go around and open up the sewer clean-out so we can dump.  That works well.

Then I pull open the grey tank valve.  Its frozen.  Then I try the black.  Also frozen.

So we run an extension cord and hook up a mini-space heater in the wet bay.

We finish filling the water, put the cables away, and try to empty again.

I pull the black tank valve and we get a nice swooshing noise and out the waste goes.  I pull the grey and its still frozen.

I move the space heater to the other side of the compartment so its next to the grey valve.   I wait 5 more minutes and pull the valve and water starts coming out.  After a few minutes I realize that it is draining very slowly.

So I pull on the valve again and it fully opens!  Yeah!

Because we are going to be gone for a few days I elect to not leave the space heater running in the wet bay.  It should be fine, but I want to be home the first few days so I can check on it.  Hopefully nothing explodes while we are gone for 2 evenings.

My plan is to set the house heater on 50F – and leave the electric fireplace on.  I also plan on putting the slide to cut down on drafts.

Hopefully that will be enough to keep the cat alive while we are gone.

The RV is pretty packed full of ice.  We had to chip off the ice from the outside stairs so we don’t fall out of the RV when go outside.

It is possible that we are going to be spending $50/week over the next few weeks keeping this place from freezing up.

We are going to have to conscientious about conserving propane during the day and evening and only cranking on the heat when we need it during the evenings.

I was thinking about what our RTW trip will look like over the colder times.  I want to complain about the cold, but I know I will be living in a tent for 2 years.  That means I need to toughen up!

Plus – I know people who keep there house at 50F all winter – you can see your breathe when you visit indoors!

I think this winter is proving that if you have a RV payment, then living full-time in a RV is a wash financially.  We have a lot of things in our favor – so I think that for many people it would actually be more expensive to live in a RV.

Owning your RV outright would make it much cheaper then a rental.

So that is what you have to do when you live in an RV in winter!  Change the propane out at night in your pajamas, and empty the ‘crapper’ out before you go on vacation!

Life can be interesting sometimes….

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