Wisconsin is a fickle friend.  Cold then hot.  Snow and tans.  They all happen in the same week around here.  My 25 minute commute usually results in a 10F degree temperature change.

We have elected to skip spring this year and just have summer.  Winter is almost here so we can’t wait for summer official.  We even started cranking out the picnics.

In addition to picnics we started wishing and praying the pools would get set up – and as of yesterday the pools are filled with water!

The park manager said hopefully we can go swimming next weekend.  Last year the pool was a rock steady 89F degrees, so hopefully that continues this year.  We are experiencing temperatures of less then 70F so it’s important that the pool warms up all the way!

We were hoping that all our bills (minus the RV loan) would be paid this year, but that probably won’t happen until March 2014.  My friend Gigantical told me that is what happens when you have a BHAG (big harry audacious goal), but we are not going to give up!  At first I thought he called my wife a name, but I figured it out soon enough.

Tracy and I talked about radically altering our lifestyle so we could save money faster.  Sell the RV? Sell the truck? Just drive the RV into town? Get a cheaper RV with smaller payments?  Quit splurging on Netflixs? Find more jobs?

We talked for a few hours and have elected to ride things out for now.  Tracy is teaching herself engineering and homeschooling the boy.  We may be tight with money now, but we are sacrificing for a better future later.  We both feel at peace about our money so we are going to just keep at it.

It’s important in our household to be honest with ourselves about our monies and our dreams.  Yeah it sucked when we realized we will need next years tax return to pay off the debt.  I want a camera and Tracy wants some cool tats.  Those things just will have to wait a bit.

I think I am officially a morning person now.  I have been getting up at 5am for a while now to write a book.  That explains why this blog not updated daily anymore.

My book is about 2 weeks away from a first draft status and I am excited to finish it.

I don’t know what the title will be, but it is essentially a manual on how to wreck your own life.  Hopefully people will like it.   It’s not about RV living.  It’s about finding and chasing after your dreams.  I am surprised how easy it has been to write this first draft and look forward to see what my wife thinks of it when I finish it.

So the good times are here.  Winter is behind us.  We have hot water and sewer, and we have filled our swimming pool up with sheer will power.

I can’t wait to go swimming!


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