welcome to south dakota

We made it to Sioux Falls!  We made it out of Wisconsin and Minnesota to a new land!

It was a little tricky finding our Park. When you drive in from the freeway you have to turn around in a parking lot a few blocks away because a median divider stops you from crossing into the camp ground.

The campground is very simple.  50amp power, wonky wifi, sewer, water, and a spot to do laundry.  The Park is very sparse in entertainment, very effective in utility, and very affordable for the wallet.

When we entered the park I realized that I had seen the park before.  Two and a half years ago when we bought the RV we overnighted here!  We arrived after dark, plugged in, and left early the next morning.  Sure enough, I had them look up my name in the computer and our names were still on record!

I see a lot of retired people with grand kids here.  Should be interesting!

Our goal this month is to get our bearings.  What am I going to do for a job? What can I do to raise some money right now?  What are our priorities?

I also still have no idea what we are going to do, so I better take some think time and figure it out.  Bills are going to be due soon!

This weekend will be our 2nd family sabbath.  On our sabbaths we do not use technology.  That will give me a lot of free time to think about what is next for me.  I am oddly very peaceful now.  I figured I would be in a big panic, but that is not the case.

I am understanding that God is really in control.  God is the Master who gives you favor with people and the resources you need.  All I need to do is relax and trust in him!

Next week I will be putting a few bids in for some simple WordPress sites and help some people with marketing.  I will also attempt to meet up with some local pastors in the area and see how I can help them out as well.

One of by big thought goals this weekend is to come up with a new work schedule.  I have to be producing if we are going too make it!

I have to follow up with some job opportunities, create some new writings, and update my business blog.

For me to complete these tasks I will need to get some better internet.  I was going to buy a $90/mo 4g modem.  Instead I had a brainstorm.  I figured out what company was supplying cable to the park and I drove down to have a chat with them.  For $50/mo I can have unlimited bandwidth.  The bad part is it comes with a $35 dollar install charge.  Still cheaper than $90 and I can stream movies to my Roku player!

No matter how much I begged them they wouldn’t let me install the modem myself.

Maybe I should get into the cable modem business?  I am fully capable of plugging in cables into a modem and calling a modem ID into a call center!

I am looking forward to our adventures in Sioux Falls.  I heard they are having a world championship rib cook-off and I can’t wait to attend that!

Do you have anything you think we should do or see? Drop us a note!

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