Tracy and I love to read books together.  Now that I am employed at a normal job, we can’t seem to find time to make that happen on a daily basis like we used to.

It has been said that who you are tomorrow is equal to who you are today, with the exception of the people you meet and the media you consume.

That means if you don’t meet someone new, who gives you different ideas, or you don’t learn something from a book or media, then your next day will pretty much be like your today.

That is horrifying to me!  I want my tomorrow to be better then my today!

For me reading is a great way to be constantly learning new ideas.  I am getting ready to launch a new business again.  It is because of reading blogs and books over the last 6 months that I am able to do it.  I have a new idea, and a new plan.  I have new inspiration and new hope.

If I didn’t read, I would be out of new things to try.  I would be doing the same ideas over and over again, and that is the very definition of crazy.

In order to stay motivated, Tracy and I read travel books.  We love to read and hear peoples stories of adventure and travel.

Right now Tracy is reading us 927 Days of Summer.  She reads it outloud after breakfast is over.  We get to laugh and experience Brad and Sheena’s trip around the world in a VW van.  The book is mostly a summery of the Drive Nacho Drive blog, but it is worth the purchase for the additional content and convenience.

Review & Give-Away


I would like to share with you one of our favorite books we have read so far.  It is called Everybody Duck.  It is about a family from New York in the late 1950’s who decide, after the father loses his job, to convert a military WW2 DUKW into a mobile RV.  They drive the RV from New York to Buenos Aires.

The story is fascinating.  The family recruits some neighbor boys into helping out along the trip.  They live on about $1.80 a day.  The RV has a top speed of 25mph and has to be home to 2 parents, 4 daughters, 3 boys, a dog, a parrot, and a monkey.

The book is written by the mother, Virginia.  Her view points are hilarious, dated, and not what you would expect.  She doesn’t dwell on the technical aspects of her trip.  She talks about her families dynamics and it is fascinating!

The adventure has the family buying foreign land, hunting wild animals for food, making ocean crossings, and going on safari’s.  The insite into a 50’s era family is both educational and entertaining.   I also love the photos they have in the middle of the book.  Here are a few of them:

book pictures inside

I would love to talk in depth about it, but you really just need to read the book!

The downside to reading this book is the price.  I would love to buy the rights to this book and sell it as an ebook.  The book is currently going for about $75 on Amazon right now.  Lucky for us, Tracy found it in a free bin at a local book store.  The store puts all the old books they have in the free bin, so yeah for me, and yeah for you!

Seeing how we live in an RV right now, we can’t be accumulating books.  I actually would love to keep the book, but it really isn’t practical.  We take a garbage bag of “stuff” to Goodwill almost monthly, we still have to fight against accumulation of stuff!

I thought about selling the book, but instead I am going to give it away to one of the readers of this blog.  More specifically a blog Subscriber!  When you subscribe to this blog you no longer have to visit to see if I updated the website.  Everytime I post you get the post in your email.

The way you subscribe is by clicking on top menubar on the right side of this article.  The box looks like this:


This is a picture! You can’t click here! It is on the top right of the page!

I will randomly chose the winner from the email list.  If you already subscribe, then you have to do nothing, because you are already entered!

If you enjoy this blog also please consider liking the Facebook page.  These tasks may seem like they would not be helpful, but to a blogger, having a mailing list and social following is important.  It allows for more pull from within the industry.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I know contests are a bit sketchy, I always wanted to have one, and now I finally have a little gem that is worth signing up for 🙂

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We Still Love Reading & A Give-Away
If I didn't read, I would be out of new things to try. I would be doing the same ideas over and over again, and that is the very definition of crazy.
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