So we made an almost fatale first time full-timer Rv mistake.

We didn’t plan for the 4th of July Holiday.   From an outsiders perspective it doesn’t make sense that we wouldn’t have a spot reserved for the holiday.

The problem is what happens when you start full-timing in an RV.  First you start losing track of time.  Then you lose track of the days of the week.  Then you lose track of months.

I am serious.  Everyday my kid asks what day of the week it is.  Then he asks what month it is.  I am pretty sure he thinks that his December birthday will be here next week.

Weekends don’t really matter so much.  Monday, Friday, and Saturday might as well be all the same day.  I literally still have to calendar my day so I can make sure I do a full day of work.

So it was no surprise that Independence Day snuck up on us.  We never had made plans to stay overnight before.  We pick a park, drive on over, pay, and leave when we are ready.

Tracy was the first to realize that the parks were are full.  About 2 weeks before the 4th she called a few parks and was denied a place to stay.  I didn’t bother to help because I figured she was exaggerating.  48 hours before the holidays started are only camping spot was a Harvest Host location Tracy had picked out.

On our way to our Harvest Host location we stopped at a coffee shop.  I then proceeded to call about 30 different private campgrounds within a 2 hour radius of our location.

All of the campgrounds were full.

We then did an emergency plan.  We drove to 4 campgrounds and begged for a spot.  We were denied by all 4.  One campground gave us hope, but in the end it didn’t work out.

Then, at the last minute when we were about to give up hope someone called us back.  A campground in Minneapolis had a few spots.  They of course wouldn’t take a reservation, but they said if I called back tomorrow they would give us a spot.

At 8:30am in the morning I called back and confirmed a spot.  I didn’t actually get a picture of our spot – I have no idea why I didn’t, but it was a nice shaded spot.  The RV park was nicely located near the heart of the Twin Cities.

One of the things we were excited to do was get out and see the fireworks.  We drove as close as we could to the best viewing spot we could find online.

Everything online said that we should go stand on this stone bride.

Let me just say that the bridge was pandemonium.  It was crammed full of people.  By the time the fireworks started the bridge was just shoulder to shoulder people crammed on the bridge.   I can’t believe how many people could be put in one spot.  I felt a little bit molested while I was waiting for the fireworks to start.

To make matters worse we started feeling uncomfortable so we went to the side of the bridge we entered on.

This was our view of the fireworks when they started:


Lucky for us Tracy found another view were we could actually see most of it a little ways into the park around the corner from where we were standing.

Our walk home was also interesting.  Every single automated sprinkler was turned on.  Plus we tried a shortcut that dead ended.

The good news was that after we found our truck we managed to drive home quickly because the RV park was close enough we could take all back streets and avoid the holiday traffic.

So the Holiday was saved and we learned a few things:

  • Schedule Now for Labor Day (umm…we still have to this)
  • always leave a message for a park that doesn’t pick up – they will actually call you back
  • always ask how big the waiting list is – many of the parks had no waiting list – so if someone cancelled you could be next in line.  The parks almost never offered a spot on the waiting list – we had to asked to be put on it.
  • Schedule out the major holidays!  I know its a repeat, but repetition builds habits!

bridge2 bridge3 bridge5 bar car

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