Couch noodle

A few days ago Tracy came up with a great idea to winterize the house couch.

Tracy went into a storage bay and took about 6 of our noodles and shoved them in our couch.  She put some behind the couch between the wall and the couch.  She shoved the rest into the hide-a-bed area.  It seems so simple, but that area is significantly warmer.

When you winter in an RV it isn’t hard to warm the RV up.  The big issue is when any wind blows, it blows through the walls.  So it is possible that the RV is 65F inside, but you are still feeling lots of cool air blow around you.

The noodles in the couch do a great job of blocking the wind.  The couch and dining areas are always a little cooler then other places in the coach because they are located on the slide.

I will also say the sun is a significant warming tool when you live in an RV.

People often complain that the large glass windows in front of a class A coach are a huge loss for heating.  That IS true, but they also do a great job of magnifying the sun’s heat into the RV.  It is 25F this afternoon, and the thermometer on the dash is showing 65.3F.

The heater really hasn’t come on all day.  Between the window, the fireplace, and the lack of strong winds, this RV is keeping us nice and toasty!

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