So today was the big day we would go to the local RV dealership and get our extend-a-stay hose put on. You can see the new piece in the picture above – it is so nice and shiny! The new piece lets me hook up external propane tanks, hook up a propane grill, and still lets me access my original 100lb propane tank.

While it can be a big pain to pack up the RV and prep it for driving I was looking forward to the process. I love to get the RV out on the road and have a big drive. Granted I only drove for about .5 hour total – it was still better then just idling the house around the campground at 10mph while I dumped the tanks.

It was also great that we had the appointment for the install scheduled today. Thursdays is dump day. This way we would only have to go thru the moving process once this week.

Tuesday night we started running out of water. Granted we probably had about 10 gallons, but the sink was spitting water because the pump was having problems accessing that water due to the low levels. Wednesday we were out of town all day and didn’t get back till late at night. That meant we couldn’t get any water that day.

Thursday morning we had to get into town so I could get to work, so we still didn’t get any more water. Meanwhile our grey tank is getting really full. That meant that we would have to conserve water all day until after the appointment.

So I woke up at 6am this morning. Heated up the hot water. Turned on the sputtering water and splashed it on my face so I could see enough to get dressed. I got dressed and walked into the living area and started spinning the forward chairs around for the drive in.

Just stop – it was Tracy – “don’t do anything else until you make coffee – must have coffee”

So very wise is the woman I married!

We fire up the kettle and ready the french press.

“Lets invite our friends over for breakfast!” Tracy said. “Since we are going to park in front of their house while you work, lets just be nice and make them breakfast ”

So I texted them while I continued to throw everything in our living room into a pile of junk on the floor. Everything had to be moved to make room for the slide to be retracted.

Tracy and I raced around. Then we moved the electric fireplace into the hallway and moved the slide in. I ran outside and unhooked the cable and secured the powerlines. The stabilizer jacks were lifted, then I ran outside and pulled the aluminum jack pads out so I wouldn’t run over them.

I realized my kid was still sleeping at this point.

We packed up and rolled out the campground.

We pulled onto road one – *crash* –

Tracy: “umm the electric fireplace just crashed down the stairs”

We pull onto road two – *crash*

Tracy: “crap – my decrotive pumpkins just fell off the window sill into the garbage pile”

Well pull onto the interstate – *really loud crash*

Tracy: “some pizza crusts fell off the top of the cupboards and crashed into the dirty dishes in the sink”

Lots more things crashed, but nothing broke on our way into town. Apparently we need to secure everything more when we travel around at 65mph vs. the 10mph we have been traveling around the RV park.

We get into town. I put the leveling jacks out, plug into our friends house, and hit the button to put the slide out. We then proceed to put everything back into its place.

Tracy: “ewh – it is really really stinky”

Crap – the grey water tank is full and sloshing around. Its putrid smell is coming up thru the drains into our house.

And our friends are coming over….

So we open the door, put on the AC fan (its about 40F outside) and start making breakfast for our friends.

At this point something awesome happens. My kid wakes up and walks down the stairs to the living room.


“Where are we?”


“What happened?” “When did this happen?”

Apparently Andrei had slept thru everything. He didn’t hear anything crash (our stair case trim is broken by this point), he didn’t notice the swaying of the RV down the highway, and he didn’t feel the leveling jacks shake the coach when we reparked.

It was totally awesome. I enjoyed seeing his little 11-year-old brain try to comprehend what happened!

Our friends came over soon after and we all had an enjoyable morning breakfast. We drink awesome coffee, ate delicious coffee cake, and had eggs, sausages, bagels, and clementines.

After work I went back to the RV. Dishes where piled everywhere because the water was almost empty. They where ready to take off to the dealership to get the propane installed. Our friends happened to be over and invited us to go to Taco Bell with them.

Well – we had an appointment – but it is fun to drive the RV to a fast food place – but we had that appointment.

A compromise was reached.

We followed them to Taco Bell, we went in and ordered, and then we all ran out and drove the RV dealership.

We ate T-Bell in the lobby while they filled my propane tank up and installed the extend-a-stay. The shop manager kidded that it was unfair we didn’t bring him any food, so Tracy went into the RV and brought out a gigantic coffee cake for them.

I don’t know if they ate that coffee cake. It was all sealed up from the store, but our RV was a mess. Dirty dishes everywhere. Tracys homework all over the couch and table. A huge pile of blankets, shoes, and bags were in a pile on floor around the garbage can. The dishes were over-flowing out the sink – and everything smelled funky from the grey tanks.

We drove back home 40 minutes after we got there. We drove back the RV park. Everything stayed put well enough, except for the pizza crusts fell onto the dirty dishes again. We got the tanks emptied, and the water filled up.

Tracy did some dishes and drove back into town to hang out with a friend. I stay back and played catch with the boy and then made some food for me and the boy that Tracy will be mad I made without her.

It was an adventurous day. It was the kind of day that some people would be crazy about.

For us it was adventurous – we chose to have a great time. We took a bunch of inconveniences and made the day into something full of excitement and joy.


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